U.S. Rent A Car At The World Travel Market

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Last week representatives of U.S. Rent A Car attended the World Travel MarketWTM1 (WTM). WTM is a 4 day long exhibition held at Excel in London where suppliers and buyers meetup to discuss the previous years work and how they can increase business in 2014.

Each industry has a different approach to WTM and what they can get out of it, for USA car hire companies its a good chance to meet new suppliers and nail down some deals. Here’s what we got up too.

Sixt Rent A Car

Our first meeting was with Sixt Rent A Car who were obviously delighted with the numbers we had produced for them. As a first year supplier on usrentacar.co.uk I think they were a bit shocked at how many rentals we can send. This actually coincided with one of our concerns; can Sixt provide enough vehicles for the amount of business we can send?

Sixt are probably the fastest growing independent car rental company in the U.S. at the moment their strategy of growing via franchises seems to be working well and they continue to grow and add to their Fleet. They were confident they would have the Fleet to maintain our growth.

Alamo Rent A Car

Next up was a meeting with Alamo Rent A Car, always good to meet up with these guys, not only as we have a great working relationship but they are also fans of this blog ;-)

As always Alamo are keen to receive even more rentals from us and from early talks we could be looking at some additional product in the shape of prestige vehicles and opening up in to alternative markets.

Budget Rent A Car

Its been a strange year with Budget Rent A Car lots of behind the scene’s politics that have kept them from being sold on usrentacar.co.uk. Talks at WTM went very well and we hope to have them back on sale in the first quarter of 2014. We’re still talking about what type of product we’ll be offering.

Dollar Rent A Car

2014 looks to be the first year that Hertz will play a more hands on role in the running of Dollar Rent A Car, we are expecting a merging of systems and fleet which should see a much smoother process.

We’ve been talking about adding additional product from them including perhaps adding their high end brands but we’ll need to see if this is something our customers want.


We met with a few other suppliers about the possibility of adding them to our site, but on first impression we weren’t convinced that they could offer the basic level of service we would expect. You get what you pay for…

We’ll have post WTM meetings with all these suppliers to see where we go from here, we will of course keep you post via the blog.



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usrentacar.co.uk Have Been At The World Travel Market This Week

Hi all,

This week the usrentacar.co.uk team have been at the WTM (World Travel Market)  held in London, the WTM is a yearly event where the majority of the travel industry meet up to discuss and negotiate deals for 2013.

Here’s our take of the show in picture form, enjoy.



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usrentacar.co.uk® November ‘catch up’ Podcast

Hi all,

Today see’s the launch of the first usrentacar.co.uk® podcast, featuring our Director of Communications, Frank Williams. The idea behind the podcast is to allow our visitors to keep up to date with all the goings on here at usrentacar.co.uk®  and to continue our goal of becoming  the most social car rental broker out there today.

To catch up on the latest at usrentacar.co.uk® including Car Hire USA news and details of our new competition simpley download or listen below.

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On this episode of the podcast;

Don’t forget you can get involved in the podcast by emailing frankw@usrentacar.co.uk with any suggestions of topic’s to cover.

This is our first effort at providing a podcast so your feedback is more than welcome, regardless of if it is positive or negative please post your comments below.

Kind regards,


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usrentacar.co.uk® At The World Travel Market


This week we have been busy at the World Travel Market (WTM)wtmmeeting existing suppliers and seeking out new opportunities.  Some photo’s are available on our facebook page – here ttp://www.facebook.com/usrentacar.co.uk

About WTM

Staged annually in London, World Travel Market is a vibrant must attend four-day business-to-business event presenting a diverse range of destinations and industry sectors to UK and International travel professionals. It is a unique opportunity for the whole global travel trade to meet, network, negotiate and conduct business under one roof.

Our Meetings

Dollar Rent A Car

Our first meeting of the day was with Dollar Rent A Car. Dollar, like ourselves, have had a very impressive 2010, resulting in their quarter 3 results being the best in the companies history. They informed us that they had just purchased new fleet and like most of the travel industry are cautiously optimistic about 2011.

They did confirm that there would be a slight rise in pricing for 2011 which will come in to effect shortly, at present we are still honouring this years pricing for next year.

Alamo Rent A Car

Next up was Alamo Rent A Car, again Alamo have produced an impressive yearly performance boosted by a buoyant second hand car hire market. They also confirmed that there would be a rate increase for 2011 shortly however an immediate increase from Jan – Mar 2011 was issued. On a positive note Alamo stated that they have just added the Ford Mustang to their Convertible range.

Budget Rent A Car

The last of our car hire meetings was with Budget Rent A Car. Again, boosted by a surprising second hand market for cars of 56k miles plus Budget also have had a great year.

Budget confirmed that their upgrade special offer (see terms) has been extended in to next year, I tried my best to get these upgrades guaranteed however at present this isn’t possible. As was the trend Budget also anticipate a rate increase however this will not take place immediately.

Rest of WTM

I don’t want to curse it, so I will only tease at it, but we have almost secured a very exciting non car hire related contract. With out giving to much away it is one of those contracts we have been trying for continuously for many years, so fingers crossed we can bring this to you very soon.

We had an interesting conversation with an aerial tours company based in Florida which might be a good fit with some of our more adventurous customers and an interesting chat with the U.S. government.

All in all the WTM was very productive and over the next couple of months we hope to be able to offer you some very interesting non car hire deals. Watch this space.

Any questions please ask below.



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WTM, Travel Blog Camp, Blog Redesign and Car Hire in the USA

Hi All,


Hope this week has been good for you.


We have hit the business end of 2009, which means traveling a lot, talking a lot and thinking a lot!


This week I’ve been at World Travel Market, attended the second Travel Blog Camp, signed off the blog redesign and look proudly at our new start up.


World Travel Market (WTM)


Ever year for the past ten years I’ve attended the WTM and without fail I’ve come away re-charged and inspired….apart from this one.

The usual transport issues are still there but I’m use to that now. It was more the lack of companies in my niche that actually promote themselves at this event. Obviously this year has been very difficult financially for all travel companies however the WTM has slowly become an event where the return on investment (ROI) has decreased especially in car rental.

When I first attended, the event was held at Earls Court and if you weren’t represented you weren’t a company worth dealing with. Slowly all the major brokers have stopped exhibiting and only the major car hire suppliers like Alamo, Budget and Dollar remain.

The problem for me is that we meet up with the suppliers regularly anyway, so at WTM it’s merely to say hi.

Obviously this ”rant” is merely from my perspective and for hoteliers it seems a much bigger affair, perhaps I should get in to hotels? rentabed.co.uk anyone? ;-)


Travel Blog Camp


Just when I was losing all heart, me and Karl Hendrie (head honcho now at www.bargainvillas.co.uk) attended the second ever TBCamp, hosted by Tnooz’s Kevin May and organised by travel-rants Darren Cronian.

The TBCamp is an informal get together of travel industry members including bloggers and journalists to discuss travel blogging and social media.

The event enlisted some great speakers ranging from lastminute.com who described their blog strategy, to a very passionate travel agent, Murray Harrold depicting how agents can use social media to make money.

Twitter was the buzz word this year and represented a large portion of chat, I was surprised google wave wasn’t mentioned much, perhaps it’s a little early, I’m sure next year it will be mentioned.

I came away from the TBCamp with the same sort of buzz the WTM use to give me. I have some idea’s for new sites, how to develop this site and a confirmation that my time on twitter is not a waste but perhaps brand building.

A big thank you to Darren who is slowly making TBCamp a must.



Blog Redesign


Big thank you to Frank Williams, who has re-designed this blog. I hope you’ll agree it’s a big improvement.

Are there further improvements that could be made?


Car Hire USA


Last week I mentioned the start up, www.rentacars.co.uk the car hire opinion and review site. I’m very pleased to say that the site now has more than 13000 reviews, making it easily the largest of its kind.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing how James begins to create brand awareness, and how it will evolve.


That’s it for this week.





U.S. Rent A Car.co.uk

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