Which Colour Car Do You Want Most?

Hi all,

On Saturday I was sent some statistics from a PR company informing me of the most popular car colours customer select when picking up their USA Car Hire.

The most popular colour according to this document was white! Which I thought was a little strange, probably because it wouldn’t be my personal choice.

The full results read like this

  1. White
  2. Red
  3. Silver
  4. Green
  5. Yellow
  6. Pink
  7. Gold
  8. Black

Now I don’t know about you but these ranking just didn’t ring true in my experience, I’m not sure I’ve ever met a majority of people who would prefer pink to black!? or perhaps I’m moving in the wrong circles…

So to test my theory I asked our facebook friends the same question.

What’s your favourite colour for a car?

These were the results.

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Red
  4. Blue
  5. Silver
  6. Yellow
  7. Green
  8. Pink

As you can see White was the most popular in both poll’s,  however as I kind of guessed Black did indeed prove to be more popular than pink!!

What’s your preferred car colour of choice?



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