Is Everything What It Seems?

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I don’t generally like writing these types of  posts as they always sound slightly like scaremongering however I just got off a call with a customer who mentioned that they were booking with us because they’d been to another company to get a quote and at first glance the quote looked cheaper however, this customer is an experienced traveller and after delving a little closer he revealed several exclusions.

I thought I’d put together just a little guide on what to check before booking your USA car hire.

How long has the company been trading for?

Now the length of time a company has been trading is not always the best way to determine quality however it does give you an indication that they have experience and have been trading successfully. for instance is now in it’s 10th year of trading. Company details can be seen on the companies house website here.

Read some reviews about them, not testimonies from their own site but independent real reviews.

Using your favourite engine search for the website or company name and check a few of the results that are returned, on google for instance you can filter your search to discussions, which will give you an idea of forums and blogs currently sharing information about that company.

Another good way is to visit an independent review site such as trust pilot and read real reviews about the company. Reviews of can be read here – usrentacar reviews

Check their interaction on social sites

We are in the age of web 3.0 where companies are expected to have a twitter and facebook account. How brands utilise these mediums can tell you a lot about a company.

Companies with under 100 followers or likes gives the impression of a company that does interact with their customer particularly well. can be found on twitter, pinterest , google plus and facebook.

Have your friends used them?

You can trust your friends that’s why they’re your friends. Recommendation from people you trust on products you want is great, plus you can tap them for information.

Check what their rates include

More specific to car hire, check what their rates include, a very basic rate should at least include Collision/Loss Damage Waiver, Supplementary Liability Insurance and Uninsured motorist protection. offers a top insurance called “platinum” which covers beyond the basic to cover windscreen, undercarriage and tyres.

Make sure they don’t charge you for using a credit card

For large purchases we always recommend using a credit card, as this offers the most protection for the consumer. Any company that charges for the use of a credit card is slightly going against this ethos. never charges for credit card use.

Well I think that about does it for my guide to “Is everything what it seems”…

Have I missed anything?



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