4 Things Travel Writer Simon Calder Could Have Done To Prevent Car Hire Charge

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I read an interesting article in the Independent on Friday regarding celebrity travel writer Simon Calder’s experience renting a Car in California, you can read the full article here but to cut a long story short, Simon discovered on his return that he had been charged for an upgrade locally that to his knowledge he had not agreed to.

On investigation Simon was shown a rental agreement that he had signed unwittingly agreeing to the charge and upgrade.

Here are 4 things Simon could have done to help avoid his situation.

Read Your Rental Agreement

Simon stated in his article that he was “Weary, after a flight of nearly 12 hours” and yes he probably was, we all generally are and that’s even if you don’t have children with you.

However the rental agreement that Simon signed is a contract between the driver and the supplier and should be read fully and only signed once you are happy you fully understand it. Remember this is a legal document and requires your full attention.

Supplier Guarantee

Something Simon could have been told about is the suppliers 24 hour satisfaction guarantee, most car rental suppliers offer a no quibble refund on anything purchased locally if they are contacted within 24 hours of purchase.

The details of this can be found on the rental agreement and paperwork offered at the time of collection.

Tip: When you’ve reached your accommodation and are relaxing just give the rental agreement a quick once over.


At certain locations with suppliers, customers are offered the opportunity to pre-register their details before they arrive in the U.S.

By pre-registering your details, for example with Dollar Rent A Car you can take advantage of a dedicated line and in some instances go straight through to the car park to collect your vehicle without having to even speak to the person on the desk.

Tip: You can pre-register your details on usrentacar.co.uk by clicking  here

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So by following the information on this post Simon could have saved himself the cost of an unintentional upgrade.
Luckily for you guys you’ve read this post :-)

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