Technology And Car Rental

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Car Hire USA is notorious for being slow to grasp new technologies, the companies involved are generally huge behemoths, who although cash rich and powerful aren’t particularly flexible and fast moving with tiers and tiers of red tape to go through.

Luckily though the car manufactures are quite a bit quicker.  A report by KPMG interviewed 200 leading car manufacture bosses to see what the future holds for our vehicles.

The result a unanimous agreement that voice recognition and internet connected vehicles would be the norm with WIFI and 3G capabilities.

The industry believes that big firms like google, apple and Microsoft will beginning to strike deals with manufactures as they look to get a foot hold on this Billion Dollar industry.

John Leech from KPMG says some car manufacturers are already making “connected” cars.

“The recent collaboration between Toyota and Intel was announced at the end of last year,”

he said.

“Intel claims that the connected car is the third-fastest growing technological device, following smartphones and tablets. For a car maker that offers huge potential.”

Chevy’s Super Bowl commercial this year for it’s new Cruze model which includes facebook integration gives a little hint at the possibilities.

What would you use internet access in your car for?



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