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Hi all,

Just had a very interesting meeting with Karl Hendrie, MD of Anyone who knows Karl will know he likes to do things slightly differently, hence why this meeting took place at his local gym, and for someone who struggles with fitness it was quite an ordeal.

Karl has been MD of bargain villas now for 2 years, and has been the driving force behind the redesign and Ajax upgrade, he has embraced social media, mostly via Twitter (@bargainvillas) and has now made his biggest impression on the company by signing a deal to incorporate interhome in to the bargain search results.


Interhome are one of the largest and most respected holiday rental accommodation agencies in Europe. Interhome is based in Switzerland with offices in most European countries. The company is owned by the Hotelplan Group, one of Europe‘s leading travel companies

The deal adds a further 46k holiday homes in 24 countries to bargainvillas already impressive content.

Karl assures me that this deal will not stop bargainvillas from allowing holiday home owners to sign up for free independently, which in a recession hit UK is good news.

I look forward to meeting up with Karl again to see what else he has in store, however this time I’ll chose the venue…. a pub or cake factory.


Gavin -Free Villa Advertising

For those of you who maybe don’t know, last year we launched, a dedicated holiday home website. The idea behind it is to offer home owners the opportunity to advertise their properties for FREE.

Bargain version 1

Bargain version 1

Like all great projects we have hit a few snags, the homepage is very image heavy which make’s the load speed very slow, we also received feedback from our audience that they didn’t like the colour (bright pink) and trying to convince people that we actually are giving the advertising away for free is harder than it sounds.

So in Decemember we took the brave (and costly) decision to redesign the website. The idea being very simple, alter the colour to a more generally accepted colour and to speed the website up.

We hope we?will manage to fulfil all these criteria and hope that villa owners and customers alike will see the benefits of the altered website.

We predict that the new site will be up and running by the beginning of April until then you are still welcome to sign up? to add your Villa, apartment or hotel by visiting or clicking here

I would still love to here your feedback regarding our new project. Do you have any ideas on how to improve the site?



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