The History Of The U.S. Rent A Car Young Drivers Package

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Ok class, please be seated for today’s lesson; the history of our car hire USA young drivers package. launched in 2003 offering low cost USA car hire to UK and European holiday makers but before this in 2002 the founders needed to travel around the U.S. and negotiate deals with the leading car rental suppliers, the problem was they were both 24 years of age! This meant that driving around from meeting to meeting was costing them an additional $25 plus tax per day per driver in young driver fee’s.

Back in the dark ages of 2002 the idea of a young drivers package hadn’t even been dreamt of, it made no difference that neither drivers had 7 years no claims in the UK or that they had no endorsements on their licences.

So during said negotiations the founders spoke to the suppliers about the frustrations of renting as an under 25 driver, most of the suppliers cited statistics that stated most accidents occur by drivers under 25 and how the additional cost for insurances made it imperative for the surcharge to be applied.

However the founders understood this and after speaking with one supplier, Budget Rent A Car managed to organise some rates to cover the young drivers surcharge, although the rates were higher than rates offered to drivers over 24 they represented a significant saving against the local charge. So off the guys went to offer this service to the UK market.

Obviously this proved to be successful and went on to sell thousands of young driver rentals. With a successful track record in hand then went on to approach other car rental suppliers and although some were still not interested, 2 more suppliers agreed to give it go.

So now had 3 suppliers offering young driver packages aged 21-24 thus making this area a lot more competitive.

Alamo Rent A Car offer’s coverage for up to 3 young drivers.

Budget Rent A Car offers coverage for 1 additional driver.

National Car Rental offers coverage for up to 3 young drivers.

The lead driver, regardless of supplier has to be the holder of a major credit card to validate the additional insurance upon arrival but this was a relatively small thing compared to the savings.

In May 2012, took their commitment to young drives even further by the release of its exclusive Young Drivers Plus product which allowed our young drivers to extend the basic insurance offered to cover the tyres, windscreen and undercarriage of the vehicle, a first within the UK car rental sector.

Today we are still able to offer great young driver packages through our partnership with Alamo Rent A Car and National Car Rental, unfortunately at present Budget Rent A Car have withdrawn their young drivers package, but we hope to renegotiate in the future. are always looking at ways to improve the service for drivers under 25 and we welcome your idea’s and comments, please feel free to post below.



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Introducing Young Drivers Package Plus

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Today I’m happy to announce the launch of our new offering for Young Drivers in the USA, we call it the Young Drivers Package Plus… has been supporting under 25 drivers since 2003 offering a few ways to save young drivers money while at the same time providing a high level of insurance.

The introduction of our exclusive Young Drivers Package Plus product see’s us extend this commitment to offer the most comprehensive young drivers package in the World!

Director of Communications Frank Williams said

The launch of our Young Drivers Package Plus product is the culmination of months of hard work putting together an offering that we believe shows our commitment to drivers aged 21-24.

What is Young Drivers Package Plus?

Young Drivers Package Plus extends the usual young drivers package from its basic form, CDW, SLI, UMP to also cover some excluded items for example tyres, windscreen and undercarriage of the vehicle.

The additional insurance product is provided by’s UK insurance partner and is not part of the car rental companies package.

The extended protection is available on most vehicle groups and from almost every car rental location.

Our young driver package is available with our Alamo Rent A Car, National Rent A Car and Budget Rent A Car suppliers. The lead driver of the vehicle must be the holder of a major credit card.

What do you think of our new product?



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