It’s Cold Outside 12 Tips For Driving In Freezing Conditions

Hi all,

Brrrrr!!! Its blooming freezing out! -8 in our neck of the woods, so I thought it might be sensible to put together some tips for driving in the cold.

  • Be prepared for emergencies – keep a blanket, boots, an extra pair of gloves and a flashlight in the trunk of your car
  • Let the car warm up before setting off and allow an extra 10 minutes to do so.
  • Be sure your car has a communications lifeline in case of emergency, a mobile phone is the obvious solution.
  • Keep your fuel tank at least half full to prevent fuel line freeze-ups in cold weather climates
  • Have your battery and coolant system checked. Older batteries and weak antifreeze might not provide the protection and functionality in the cold weather, and worse, can cause damage to your vehicle when it’s not running
  • Understand how anti-lock brakes work. Do not pump your brakes. Instead, press firmly on the brake pedal when braking and let the system do the work to stop your car
  • Traction mats, kitty litter, or sand can be used to improve traction on icy surfaces
  • Be sure to have the proper winter-rated tires on your car and be sure to keep them properly inflated
  • Keep an ice and snow scraper with you at all times and be sure to stow it safely when driving.
  • Check the oil and water in the engine and make sure all of your lights are working.
  • Clear all windows so that you have a clear vision of the road from all angles.
  • Do not pour boiling hot water on any part of your vehicle; de-icer spray is the best solution, do not spray on locks though as this may re-freeze them.

Most importantly remember to adjust the way you drive, you can’t take corners as sharply as you might in normal conditions.

Drive safely, and if all else fails, get yourself over to Florida\ where your USA Car Hire doesn’t have to worry about ice. :-)



 Florida car hire

Tips For Driving In The USA

Hi all,

This is no secret… but the USA is massive… even just to pop out, the preferred mode of transport is the car.  A great indicator is to note that all shops and restaurant regardless of size have large car parks; basically you’re going to need to drive places.

I appreciate that driving abroad can be viewed as a scary experience but honestly driving in the USA couldn’t be easier, speed limits are lower which although you might find frustrating coming from the rush, rush of the UK actually makes for a lot calmer and more courteous driving experience.

Now obviously things are different, they drive on the “wrong side” of the road for starters and most of the car hire USA suppliers vehicles will be automatic. I thought is might be handy to list some of the major differences and perhaps give some advice on making you car rental experience as relaxing as possible.

Location, Location, Location

Your first piece of driving will probably be from the airport to your hotel or villa, already knowing the basic route to your accommodation is a must, the last thing you need is your stress levels to be raised by driving “blind”. Google maps is a great tool for plotting your route, failing that you can prepay in theUK for a GPS system to guide you.

Tip, do a couple of laps of the car park where possible to get use to the vehicle.

Who moved the stick?

So as mentioned before you will mostly likely be driving an automatic vehicle, if you’ve never driven an automatic its very much like driving a giant go-kart.

Most automatics will have the following options

  • P meaning Park
  • R meaning Reverse
  • N meaning Neutral
  • D meaning Drive
  • 1 first gear
  • 2 second gear.

Remember an automatic vehicle is driven with one foot (your right) many automatic virgins assume you use the left foot for the break and the right foot for the accelerator, this isn’t the case. Using your left foot for the break will possible result in whiplash for you and your passengers.

Rules of the road

Obviously every Country has its own rules of the road and many differ from ours, here are a few examples.

  • They drive on the right hand side.
  • The drink driving laws are very strict, as a rule of thumb; don’t drink and drive. You will spend a night in the cells if caught.
  • Right turn on a red, I know this goes against your natural driving instinct but if it is safe to do so, you can turn right if the traffic lights are red.
  • When parking in a space remember to drive in with your boot facing out, it is not illegal to only have a licence plate at the back of the car.
  • They take their public services very seriously so, don’t park within 10ft of a Fire Hydrant, you must also change lanes (where possible) if a police vehicle is parked along side the road, if this isn’t possible you must reduce your speed to 20mph.
  • On the same note; do not park in front of red or yellow painted curbs, these area’s are strictly for emergency vehicles.

I think that about covers it, remember driving in theUSAis easy don’t stress about it you’ll be fine, just because you’re in another Country doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten how to drive :-)

Have I missed anything you think could help virgin USA drivers?



 Florida car hire Top 10 Facts & Tips For USA Car Hire

Hi all,

Car Hire USA can be a bit of a minefield for car rental virgins, actually it can be confusing for even the most experienced travellers.

In today’s post I will list my top 10 USA Car Hire facts and tips.

  1. Remember that all rental vehicles are quoted as “or similar”, we can never guarantee make or model of our cars, this includes mileage, luggage capacity and car extras (cruise control, iPod adapter etc)
  2. In most cases our suppliers will  require you to leave an imprint of a  Credit Card in the lead drivers name for security.
  3. The UK full driving licence is made up of two parts, the credit card style part and the paper part.
  4. To avoid the whole family queuing for car hire at the rental desk, if possible, send one person off to get the car rental while others collect the suitcases.
  5. Fully read your USA car hire rental agreement before you sign it, make sure you are totally happy with the contract before you enter in to it.
  6. You do not need to take any additional extras when collecting your hire.
  7. If you do purchase an optional extra locally, most suppliers offer a 24 hrs cooling off period, to remove something from your rental agreement simply contact the supplier locally.
  8. To speed up collection at your pick up office it’s worth pre-registering your details.
  9. If you are under 25, it generally works out more cost effective to take advantage of our young drivers policy.
  10. Its always worth weighing up the cost between our inclusive rate and our gold rate even if you don’t need additional drivers. Most suppliers terms now ask for customers to pre-purchase their fuel upon arrival and return empty, these prices can sometimes be more than the difference between inclusive and gold.

These are my top 10 facts and tips….

What have I missed?



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