Don’t Call It A Comeback… Live Chat Returns

Hi all,

Not only do I get to quote an LL Cool J lyric but I also get to write about the return of an old favourite.

Whilst designing the  new website we requested feedback from customers asking them if there were any features we’d removed previously that they’d like to see make a comeback, the number one response was our Live Chat facility.

In our previous redesign we removed the Live Chat facility to make space for a small advertising section, this was obviously a mistake :-)

What is your live chat facility?

In the header on every page of our website your will note a contact us section, one of the options shown is live chat. If you click on this link you will be able to talk directly with one of our reservations team.

We hope this facility will not only save you time and money but showcase our great customer service, no question is to small and no request to big, so feel free to give it a go, even test it out if you want.

At present we have 6 operators trained to use the live chat facility, after you have spoken to one of our operators you are give the option to rank how well they have handled your request. Now I’m not saying I’m competitive but ….. at present I’m top of the leader board ;-) with an impressive 5 star rating **takes bow, thanks his mum, dad and god**
So if you do use the live chat facility please remember to rate the operator its great for office banter…

Have you used the live chat facility, how did you find it?


James (king of live chat)

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