Introducing Orlando Attraction Tickets

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As I’m sure most of you are aware, this year we have introduced Florida Attraction Tickets to our site. These have been available during the car rental booking process or bookable over the phone via our reservations department on 0845 226 8523.

However we felt that this was limiting us to the amount of customers we could offer our services too and wasn’t the easiest experience for our customers.

If you “like” us on facebook, then you guys have known since Monday, if you’ve signed up to our newsletter then you found out Tuesday, however today we are officially happy to announce the unveiling of our new website

As you can see and probably guess from the name, Orlando Attraction Tickets is a dedicated theme park ticket site aimed at offering customers the best tickets at the lowest prices.

What Orlando Attraction Tickets Offers

  • We don’t charge Credit or Debit Card Fee’s.
  • We offer a free delivery service.
  • We have access to exclusive Tickets not available at the gate.
  • We have incorporated a deposit scheme in to the site with the balance due 8 weeks prior to departure, which allows our customers to secure their tickets or reservations without the worry of paying large amounts upfront.
  • Reviews supplied by actual customers who have visited the parks and used the tickets.

Feel free to take a look round the site, please let me know what you think of it.


James® Sign’s Deal With LEGOLAND Florida

Hi all,® has further increased its Orlando attraction ticket portfolio today by becoming an official reseller for Florida’s newest Theme Park, LEGOLAND.

The Merlin Entertainment owned attraction opened on the 15th October 2011 in Winter Haven, Florida located between Orlando and Tampa.

LEGOLAND boasts more than 50 rides, show’s and activities, it also offers access to LEGO generally not available in your average shop.

The Park is aimed at children aged 2-12 and has been receiving some rave reviews.


Great site for adults and children. Attended the first day the park opened and I don’t think I knew what was in store. Displays were awesome from the cities to NASA. Full size Ford Explorer with over 200,000 legos. Many rides most with height restrictions. Over all a very fun day.

Legoland was such a great time!! The theme park is geared towards kids 2-12, and has great rides as well as a lot of amazing sculptures made out of legos. The picture opportunities are endless! Legoland also features fun carnival games with great prizes. Not just little dinky stuffed animals.

We went to legoland the 3rd day after grand opening. i expected it to be long lines and pushy people. nope! no lines. and such polite people . staff and guests. i am a disney girl but on this trip legoland put disney to shame. my son was enthralled through the entire day.

Ticket Types

At present LEGOLAND offer two different tickets, a 1 day admission ticket and a 2 day. Unlike other Theme Parks,  Child tickets start from 2 years old up to 12.

Ticket Prices

Ticket Type Adult Child (2-12)
1 Day £38.00 £32.00
2 Day £46.00 £40.00

How to book your LEGOLAND Florida Tickets

Give us a call on 0845 226 8523 and we’ll be happy to either add it to your existing car rental booking or make you a fresh order.

Alternatively, if you haven’t booked your Florida Car Hire yet you can add the Orlando Attraction Tickets during the booking process.

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Attraction Ticket Prices And Special Offers

Hi all, doesn’t just offer great deals on Car Hire USA but we also offer low prices on Orlando Attraction Tickets.

I thought I’d list a few of the offers we have at present…

usrentacar ticket prices

Universal Flex Ticket 2011 – £159.00

Universal 2-Park Bonus Ticket 2011 – £85.00

Universal 2-Park Bonus Ticket 2012 – £89.00

SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and Aquatica – £75.00

Disney 14 days Ultimate Ticket 2011 – £220.00

Discovery Cove prices 2011 and 2012 remember our offer of £10 off per ticket is still available.

Please note that the prices above are subject to change without notice, once purchased these rates will not alter.

How do I book?

Give us a call on 0845 226 8523 and we’ll be happy to either add it to your existing car rental booking or make you a fresh order.

Alternatively, if you haven’t booked your Florida Car Hire yet you can add the Orlando Attraction Tickets during the booking process.



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Cheetah Hunt Reviewed

Hi all,

The first thing I noticed about Cheetah Hunt was the fact I didn’t really notice it at all….

Let me explain, I was recently invited to Busch Gardens by SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment to familiarise myself with the park and therefore help me to sell the product more efficiently.

I had been to Busch Gardens previously, approximately 4 years ago so I had a good understanding of the park and where the unique selling points for me were, however on the 27th May 2011 Busch Gardens introduced their new ride “Cheetah Hunt” so I was extremely keen to ride this… to be honest it was going to be my personal highlight….

So you can image my dismay when I got off the coach to be met with a large sign stating “These rides are not in operation today”…………….”cheetah hunt”!!!!

My heart dropped and inwardly I threw my toys right out of the pram! The thing with new rides is that they do run in to teething problems, and these days and particularly with new rides, everyone is hyper vigilant, some would say almost over vigilant, so the slightest error picked up via the maze of infra-red lazers used all over the coaster means the ride shuts.

A little  disheartened, I happily continued on my once in a life time tour around Busch Gardens taking in many of the parks great coasters including SheiKra, Kumba and Gwazi.  I also had the added benefit of enjoying the splendid Serengeti Safari, I got to see some Rhino’s close up where we were warned “be aware if they look like they are going to charge we’re out of here!”; I got to feed and stroke a couple of Giraffes one of which was named “Tyson” yes, he was big! :-)

It was roughly in the middle of the Safari when it was pointed out to me that Cheetah Hunt was running!…. It was only running a few test laps, but I had noticed!! and the reason for this….

Its so quiet…. like a cheetah… Cheetah Hunt is so smooth around the massive track which covers a large portion of the “top” of the park that, like me, you could easily miss its riding!

Then I got the news I’d hoped for “well next, I think we’ll ride Cheetah Hunt”!!! Hooray!!!

First of the bat, the ride looks great, all new rides should but the bright colours of yellow and green really draw you to this ride.

As with many new rides the wait time jumped from 20mins to 2 hours in less than half an hour but luckily for me  and to the annoyance of those queuing I got fast tracked to the front!!!

Cheetah Hunt has 3 launches within the ride, that similar to the Hulk at Universal, give you a speed boost (up to 60 mph I’m told) that adds the thrill to this thrill ride.

The ride is designed to represent the hunting prowess of the Cheetah and I must admit I got the vision, the quick sharp turns of the chicane style part of the coaster really bring to life the sense of hunting your prey.

The launches, especially before a steep incline give you the weightless feeling that will have you giggling and full of adrenaline that any good coaster should have.

Busch, I personally think, have been clever with this ride to not make it too extreme… if you’re expecting a SheiKra style coaster you’ll be surprised. Its not about big drops.

Cheetah Hunt is about speed and thrill. Personally I loved the ride, and at a height restriction of only 4ft most of the family can too….

View our pictures of Busch Gardens on our facebook page here

Have you ridden Cheetah Hunt, what did you think?



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