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Hi all,

Last week we launched version 1.2 of the usrentacar voucher app, added our car finder feature and made providing reviews and pictures even simpler. Uptake has been great and we are now beginning to see customer leave reviews in the app store.

To date and touching wood profusely the lowest rating we’ve received is a 4 out of 5! Which as you can imagine has made us very happy indeed.

Here are a few of the review that you can view in the iPhone app store.

If the app is as good as the company then its a winning combination. I’ve been booking my cars with them for a few years and you cant beat the service they give.

Anything that reduces the paperwork when going to the US is a plus.

What a great app. Simple to use and all your information on hand.

Absolutely brilliant app. Thoroughly recommended. All the info you need plus a lot more.

Great app, simple to use, no need to worry about forgetting your voucher with this app. Average wait time indicator is also a great help.

If you’ve downloaded our app please feel free to write a review and if you haven’t downloaded it yet, what are you waiting for :-)

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