How The® Car Finder Works

Hi all,

On the 21st October we launched version 1.2 of the usrentacar voucher app, along with some push notification amendments we launched our Car Finder feature.

What is Car Finder?

Car Finder is a designed feature to help our cust0mers locate their vehicles after a long day at the parks or when shopping in an unfamiliar location.

How it works?

Car Finder works by integrating the iPhone’s inbuilt gps system and google maps.

Step 1

Once you have logged in to our app using your email address and your password, press the Car Finder icon positioned far right on the navigation bar.

Step 2

Once your iPhone has picked up your GPS position click on the “Save Location” button in the top right hand corner.
You will note an icon of a car appears in your position.

You can also view your car’s position in Satellite mode.

Step 3

When you are ready to locate your car, click on “find car” positioned in the top left hand corner, this button will alter to “refresh” once used.
You will note that your current position is symbolised by walking human icon.

You can also view this in Satellite mode.

Step 4

As you follow the route the human icon will also move, you can speed this up by clicking on the “refresh” button which replaces the “find car” button.

To add a new position for your car simply click on “Clear Location” and begin the process again.

I hope you like this new feature, what are your first impression’s?

Is there something else you’d like us to add?



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