U.S. Rent A Car Introduces Pay Your Way

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Here at usrentacar.co.uk we’re always looking at ways to make the car rental experience better for you. In 2003 we were one of the very first car rental companies to offer customers the chance to secure their car rental with a deposit. Since then we’ve constantly continued to innovate in a  market that is slow to do so. We were the first to independently collect and show supplier reviews collected directly from the customer, we were the first to create a dedicated voucher app to allow customer to collect their vehicles on the move and we were the first to offer the customer a transparent results page giving the customer the power to pick the supplier they wanted.

Today I’m happy to introduce to you the U.S. Rent A Car Pay Your Way scheme, simply put this is the next generation of deposit scheme’s and is a first within the car rental industry. If your booking qualifies, i.e. is due for collection 8 weeks or more away you’ll be given the opportunity to leave a deposit of £50.00. Normally the rest of the balance would be due 8 weeks prior to departure. However after feedback from our customers we’ve now added the option to pay off portions of your rental in installments via our website. You can pay as little or as much as you like.

The balance is still due 8 weeks prior to departure but the new option will allow U.S. Rent A Car customers a new way to budget for their USA car hire.

How does it work?

To pay off some of your car rental balance simply visit www.usrentacar.co.uk/booking and enter your email address and the password you selected at the time of booking.


Any booking that qualifies for the Pay Your Way Scheme will have the following message available to them,

You can pay off the balance of your car rental in full or via instalments here



Once you click on the pay off button you’ll be taken to a separate page which will allow you to securely enter your credit/debit card details and select the amount you wish to pay off.

Pretty simple really, we hope you find this new additional helpful.

Kind regards,


 car hire USA

Dollar Rent A Car Release 2014 Fleet Guide

Morning all and happy New Year,

With 2014 firmly into its stride we’re beginning to get information regarding the car hire USA Fleets for 2014. First to send me the information is Dollar Rent A Car.

Industry experts (and myself) believe 2014 will be a very interesting year for Dollar,  their parent company Hertz hopes to have them full integrated into their system within quarter 1 which will mean that a company which had total  access to roughly 170,000 vehicles in the U.S. will now have access to approximately 700,000 cars. What does this mean? Well it should mean we’ll see a lot more competitive and flexible Dollar Rent A Car.

We’ve already been witness to the “Hertz effect” here at U.S. Rent A Car, average user review scores have risen year on year and an amendment in their customer services department has seen a massive increase in response times, which we hope will continue over 2014.

Dollar Rent A Car Fleet Guide

dollar fleet 2014

Now as it states above this is only for guidance and is not a guarantee of make, model, luggage capacity, MPG etc but it does give a great indication to what vehicle types you can expect and in which category. The most important one for us as its the question we’ve asked the most, is the convertible category…. and it looks like Dollar Rent A Car will again have the most Ford Mustangs on fleet for 2014. :-)

Kind regards,


 car hire USA

3 Things You May Not Know About USA Car Hire

Hi all,

Hot on the trail of yesterdays 3 U.S. Rent A Car pages you may have Drivermissed comes today’s offering.

3 things you may not know about USA car hire.

Additional Driver for Free

Yep that’s right, in California (pick up only) all our suppliers offer an additional driver free of charge within the Silver rate. The additional driver does not have to be named at the time of booking as their details will be required locally. The additional driver must still adhere to our terms and conditions, for example they must be the holder of a full licence.

Free One Way Rentals

Within California or Florida picking up in one location and dropping off at another (within the same state) is free of charge. Generally suppliers like to charge an additional fee but we have negotiated some additional benefits.

We also have a few suppliers that offer free one way rentals between Nevada, Arizona and California (vice versa) ask our reservations department on 0845 226 8523 about which suppliers most suit your trip. Alternatively you can use our location finder to check one way rental prices.

Young Driver Policies

Paying the young drivers surcharge locally can work out to be very expensive, the local charge is generally $25 plus tax per day per driver, but can be more depending upon pick up location.

Through a couple of our suppliers we can offer the young drivers package which can drastically reduce the cost involved for young driver in the USA.

I hope some of our readers can take advantage of these unique special offers and hopefully in the future we can announce some more.



 car hire USA

3 Pages You May Have Missed On U.S. Rent A Car

Hi all,

usrentacar.co.uk is a massive website now with thousands and thousands of Binocularspages. Making all these pages easy to find is pretty hard, we try our best but we’re pretty sure some of our better pages are being missed.

So today I thought I’d point out some of the more interesting pages that I believe might aid you in your car hire USA search.

Location Finder

An innovation we first introduced on 2012 and was quickly copied by our competitors. The location Finder serves two purposes, firstly it allows you to type in an address, for example the address of your accommodation, and the location finder will show you the closest car rental offices to that address. It’s great for customers collecting from city locations.

The second part is the One Way Rental finder, the purpose is quite simple, enter your pick up location and your desired drop off location and the finder will display each suppliers local charge for this. Can be really helpful as one way prices can differ per supplier.

Page: http://www.usrentacar.co.uk/locationfinder.aspx

Car Rental Reviews

Almost 10 years ago we started collecting USA car hire reviews from customers regarding the service our suppliers we’re offering, we were the first car rental company to do this and therefore have the largest database of independent car rental reviews.

The obvious part of the review service is that it gives you a great idea of what to expect locally but one of the hidden gems is the car rental make or model. We ask each customer to tell us which vehicle they received locally, this allows us to build up a database of vehicles housed in each category which although is no guarantee it does help our customers select the category which will most suit their needs.

Page: http://www.usrentacar.co.uk/reviews/all-supplier/all-vehicles/within-12-month/all-offices


One of the pet hates of all car renters is having to queue to fill in documentation and collect car details.

Most of our suppliers offer a pre-registration system to speed up the  process locally. We’ve added all these systems under one page.

Page: http://www.usrentacar.co.uk/pre_registration.aspx

I hope you find at least one of these pages useful and we’ll continue too add to them to make car rental as simple as possible.

Kind regards,


 car hire USA

2013 Most Popular Car Hire USA Locations

Morning all,

As I mentioned yesterday I’ve been looking through the stat’s for 2013 in map usapreparation for meeting with suppliers, yesterdays post concentrated on the most popular vehicles rented in the U.S.  today I’m taking a look at the most popular pick up locations.

The statistics below only include vehicles collected by usrentacar.co.uk customers within 2013 (bookings could be made in 2012) and for rentals of 7 days or more.

2013 2012
1 Orlando International Airport (MCO) Orlando International Airport (MCO)
2 Sanford International Airport  (SFB) Sanford International Airport (SFB)
3 Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
4 Las Vegas International Airport (LAS) Tampa International Airport  (TPA)
5 Tampa International Airport (TPA) Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
6 San Francisco International Airport (SFO) Miami International Airport  (MIA)
7 Miami International Airport (MIA) Las Vegas International Airport (LAS)
8 Newark International Airport (EWR) Boston International Airport (BOS)
9 Boston International Airport (BOS) Denver International Airport (DEN)
10 Denver International Airport (DEN) Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)


Only one new entries this year in the shape of Newark which has performed extremely well. A nice climb for LAX which has performed marvelously this year as has Las Vegas.

Orlando still remains number one and with the reported opening of a new extension to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in 2014 I can’t see it being shifted for the foreseeable future.



 car hire USA

SPECIAL OFFER: Free Sat Nav Rental With Dollar Rent A Car*


Hi all,

It seems like a long time since I was able to write the words car hire USA “Special Offer”, throughout the year we continually negotiate deals with our suppliers for low rates which when applicable we simply slide them into our search results, we generally don’t make a big fuss about it, we think this is something you guys should expect from us.

However today I’m happy to announce a new Special Offer from our friends at Dollar Rent A Car, here’s the gist of it.

  • Free Sat Nav Rental.
  • Only applicable to New Dollar Rent A Car bookings.(amendments will not qualify)
  • Pick up’s on and between 20/09/13 until the 18/12/13
  • All locations except New York
  • Must be booked on our Gold or Platinum rate.
  • Cannot be added after a rental is made.
  • Sat Nav’s are subject to availability, if the £0.00 option GPS unit does not appear in our optional extras section then unfortunately a unit isn’t available for your dates.

Here’s how to book it

Firstly enter your details into our search engine.

usrac homepage

Remember to qualify your pick up must be on or between the 20/09/13 and the 18/12/13.

Once your results have been returned look for the car category you require. Remember you’re looking for Dollar Rent A Car. Once you’ve decided upon the category to qualify for free Sat Nav rental you need to select either our Gold or Platinum rate.

usrac results

Once you’ve click on either the Gold or the Platinum rate click on the now button to head to the next stage.

The next page is our option extras page, where our customers can select any additional products they may require. You’ll notice the very top one is a Sat Nav unit, you’ll see that the price quoted is £0.00.

free GPS

Simply click add to basket, to claim your free sat nav rental and complete the booking process. Remember this must be done at the time of booking and cannot be added after completion.

Confirmation of your free sat nav will be added to your car rental voucher. When you go to collect your car, Dollar Rent A Car will provide you with a Sat Nav unit for you to use during your hire duration at no extra cost.

We love this special offer and hope you guys will too.

Kind regards,


 car hire USA

Dollar And Thrifty Rent A Car Finally Amend Fuel Policy

Hi all,

For over a year we’ve been asking, shouting and then finally praying that DollarDollar fuel and Thrifty Rent A Car amend their fuel policy. At times it felt like we were banging our heads against a brick wall but today I’m happy to confirm that we’ve finally had a breakthrough.

U.S. Rent A Car customers booking our silver rate with Dollar Rent A Car will be offered the option to return the car the same way as they collected it and avoid a fuel charge.

Here’s the full statement we received moments ago;


As you know, two of our rate packages (Silver and Silver GPS) do not include fuel and the renter must pre-purchase a tank of fuel a time of rental.

This policy has advantages for the renter:

  • · Saves time when returning the vehicle
  • · No need to re-fill the vehicle before return
  • · The fuel is charged at the average local rate

However, we acknowledge that some renters may prefer to collect the vehicle with a full tank and return with a full tank and receive no fuel charges.

With this ‘full to full’ option, if is necessary for us to fill the fuel tank further, we will charge the renter at a premium fuel rate (a higher rate than the rate charged for pre-paid fuel option).

We have decided to offer this “full to full” fuel option for U.S. Rent A Car customers upon return of the vehicle.

The renter will continue to pre-purchase a tank of fuel at the beginning of the rental and then, at the time of return, if they choose to return the vehicle full, they can request that the pre-paid fuel charge be removed from their rental agreement.

The vehicle must be refueled within 10 miles of the return station and the renter must present the receipt from the petrol station (gas station).

If the vehicle is not completely full, the renter will be charged at a premium rate for us to fill the vehicle completely.

So in summary, your renter’s now have 3 fuel options:

1. Gold/Platinum or Gold/Platinum GPS rate – the tank of fuel is included in the rate so car is rented full and returned as empty as possible. No local fuel charge to the renter.

2. Silver or Silver GPS rate – renter must pre-purchase a tank of fuel at the beginning of the rental and should return as empty as possible. Tank of fuel charged locally to the renter.

3. Silver or Silver GPS rate – renter must pre-purchase a tank of fuel at the beginning of the rental. Before returning the vehicle, fill the tank within 10 miles of the rental station and at the time of return, request that the pre-paid fuel charge is removed from the rental agreement. Provide the fuel station receipt and the pre-paid fuel charge will be removed by the rental agent.

So basically, upon collection of your vehicle you will be asked to leave an imprint of your credit debit/card, the usual fuel charge will be made however upon return of the vehicle when you hand the keys over to the Dollar/Thrifty Rent A Car staff member if you produce your fuel receipt the initial fuel charge will be removed. The Dollar/Thrifty Rent A Car staff members all carry handheld computers which are linked to your rental agreement so the process is very quick and accurate.

We are delighted that Dollar/Thrifty Rent A Car have made this amendment for our customers. It  proves the reviews we ask you to leave for each supplier after you rental is complete are being read and taken on board.

Kind regards,


 car hire USA

Our User Voted FAQ Section Hits 500 Votes

Hi all,

Last year we launched the redesign of usrentacar.co.uk one of the new features that perhaps slipped under the radar was our unique FAQ system.

usrentacar faq

The idea behind the new FAQ system was to position the most read car hire USA questions by importance, but who’s to say what the most important questions are? We obviously know from a company point of view what we believe the most important are, but have we covered that on the website already and therefore it doesn’t require additional pushing?

So what we decided upon was a voting system managed by you, the user. Basically we ask users to click on our green thumb to state they’ve read the question,  found it useful and believe that others will find it helpful.

The system has worked pretty well, and we found that the most rated question was to confirm what was included within our rates…. that was until the Florida Senate decided to muck around with driving licence laws.

Within an hour of adding an FAQ regarding this issue it had received over 30 votes and was positioned in the number 1 spot, it has stayed there ever since and is currently on 50 votes.

This question not only took our FAQ section to over 500 unique votes but also helped communicate the amendment in Florida law (which has now been paused) to our customers.

I think we’ll mark that down as a job well done.



 car hire USA

Some Numbers…

Hi all,

Today’s post is about numbers, the numbers we collect and the numbers we have. numbers


Here at usrentacar.co.uk we collect a lot of numbers, we use these numbers to try and improve our service and the service of our suppliers, these numbers are provided by our customers through the booking process and through our after sales care.

We also have our own numbers, these numbers are based on social pointer such as facebook and twitter, they also include how we communicate with our customers.

Here’s a look at some of the numbers that effect usrentacar.co.uk.

10 - The number of years we’ve been offering USA car hire to UK and European holidaymakers.

1 - The amount of contacted suppliers we had on launch.

8 - The amount of contracted suppliers we have today.

900000 - Is the approximate amount of people who have sat in a rental car supplied by U.S. Rent A Car.

25000 - The amount of verified customer reviews available to read on www.usrentacar.co.uk/reviews.aspx

82 - Out of 100. The average score our suppliers receive from our customers.

714 -  The number of offices available to collect from via U.S. Rent A Car.

90% - The percentage of lead drivers that are male.

37 - The average age of our drivers.

33 - The number of different Countries our customers come from.

2100000 - The approximate amount of Dollars we’ve saved Young Drivers renting in America.

11 - The amount of awards we’ve been nominated for.

6500 - The number of downloads of the U.S. Rent A Car voucher app

693 - The number of posts on this blog.

286,118 - The number of views to the blog since adding analysis.

653 - Facebook likes.

827 - Twitter followers.

515 -  Independent reviews collected by our partner Trustpilot about U.S. Rent A Car

Numbers…. they seem to be everywhere….



 car hire USA

Why We Are Number 1

Hi all,

usrentacar.co.uk is the UK’s number 1 USA car hire specialist, we’ve helped red-number-1over half a million British residents rent a car in America and 100′s of thousands of Europeans as well.

What’s the secret?

We are niche! We aren’t bothered about European car hire or Australian car hire or any other car hire, we are fully focused on the USA. All our attention is  on our core market and continue to ask how we can make the experience better for the user.

Our culture is based on providing the best customer experience we possibly can and this culture has allowed us to be the first to offer a mobile app dedicated to making the customers collection easier and  quicker, we aren’t concerned about making money from it.

We were the first to offer reviews of our suppliers written by our own customers, we started this back in 2004 and now this idea is copied across the industry.

We were the first to show multiple suppliers within one search, we pre-dated meta search engines, in many ways we were the first car rental comparison site.

Why use us?

If you needed dental work done you wouldn’t go to a Doctor, you’d go to a Dentist. Its similar here; if you need Florida car hire you go to a U.S. specialist and that’s exactly what people do!

You can view testimonials from previous customers via our partnership with independent review specialist Trustpilot and you can also see how the media has covered us on our about us page.

What we offer

We offer fully inclusive USA car hire but that’s just the start, we offer advice, tips and news via this blog. We offer access to cheap Orlando Attraction Tickets and we offer first class customer services.

What’s not to like?



 car hire USA

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