How Do eTickets Work At Universal?

Hi all,

Today I spoke to a customer regarding eTickets and how they work. The customer felt there was some confusion in the ticketing world regarding how they actually work, so I thought I’d try and clear it up, starting today with Universal 2-Park Bonus Tickets and Universal 3-Park Tickets.

  • Once purchased the customer receives email confirmation with their Universal code on them.
  • When the customer visits Universal Orlando they simply type the code in to one of the many ticket dispensers (pictured) found at the entrance they do not need to go to guest services.
  • Once you collect your tickets you do not have to repeat this process again.

I hope this clears things up for you? The major advantage the eTicket has is that if you lose the eTicket it is easily replaceable, you cannot replace hard tickets without purchasing them again.

What experiences have you had of eTickets?



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