Quick Q&A With usrentacar.co.uk MD Regarding Theme Parks

Hi all,

Recently I had the chance to sit down with our Managing Director, Gavin Boswell to discuss his recent trip to Orlando, we actually featured his review of the newly open Cheetah Hunt last week.

The idea of this interview was not to be in depth but just to get some quick fire answers. I think the more bulky answer are probably best suited to a podcast. Anyway the interview took place in Gavin’s office roughly 3 days after his return.


James: Favourite Theme Park?

Gavin: Universal’s Islands of Adventure. The Marvel themed area is great, big, bright and in my opinion full of the best rides.

J: Favourite ride?

G: Tricky one. I love loads of them, I liked Cheetah Hunt, the new ride down at Busch Gardens, I think the Spider-Man 3d ride at Islands of Adventure is amazing and once they’ve completed the upgrade to the new software, it will be even better.  I’m a big fan of the Hulk Coaster and I like Kraken at SeaWorld but I think for an overall experience I’d have to go with Manta.

J: Why?

G: Its the fact that its something different, facing down, looking straight at the ground gives you a totally different ride experience than anything else in Florida.  Loved it.

J: What was your opinion of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter?

G: I was truly blown away, the level of detail is quite astonishing. You can see all the hard work they have obviously put in. If you have a child who is in to Harry Potter, then Ollivanders Wand Shop is a must, be prepared to queue and also to end up parting with your hard earned cash but it is quite magical… Sorry couldn’t resist.

J: and did you enjoy The Forbidden Journey Ride?

G: Ha James! You know I didn’t…. I admit it, I can’t handle motion based rides. They make me feel very sick. I tried my best to enjoy it but basically had my eyes closed the entire time. The other people I rode with told me it was very good though!

J: Best Memory?

G: Hmm, tricky cos there were loads but feeding Giraffes at Busch Gardens and Dolphins at SeaWorld are pretty high up there… Oh and singing madly on Rip Ride Rockit then having the embarrassment of watching it back as a video afterwards!

J: Hidden Gem?

G: Well its not exactly hidden but I really enjoyed Wet N’ Wild, the water park run by Universal. I believe, and I could be wrong but it has the most group based rides of any theme park in America! Its something like that anyway. The rides aren’t that scary but they are great fun.

J: Top tip?

G: Wear comfy shoe’s, I wore flip flops and they destroyed my feet in less than 30 mins. Did you know you’re not allowed to walk round the parks bear footed? Well you do now!

Sorry it was only a short interview but Gavin’s a pretty busy man (or so he tells us). We have something scheduled for late August to sit down and podcast his impressions of Orlando, so once this is done we’ll pop it up.



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How Do eTickets Work At Universal?

Hi all,

Today I spoke to a customer regarding eTickets and how they work. The customer felt there was some confusion in the ticketing world regarding how they actually work, so I thought I’d try and clear it up, starting today with Universal 2-Park Bonus Tickets and Universal 3-Park Tickets.

  • Once purchased the customer receives email confirmation with their Universal code on them.
  • When the customer visits Universal Orlando they simply type the code in to one of the many ticket dispensers (pictured) found at the entrance they do not need to go to guest services.
  • Once you collect your tickets you do not have to repeat this process again.

I hope this clears things up for you? The major advantage the eTicket has is that if you lose the eTicket it is easily replaceable, you cannot replace hard tickets without purchasing them again.

What experiences have you had of eTickets?



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Attraction-Tickets.info Receives usrentacar.co.uk® Backing

Hi all,

In the past couple of months I’ve guest blogged and “borrowed” information from one of my favourite blogs, www.attraction-tickets.info, the site is a news and information portal for all things theme park related.

Well today I’m happy to announce a more formal tie up with the guys at attraction tickets .info.

usrentacar.co.uk® has purchased a major stake in the fledgling start up which ties in nicely with our increased presence in the attraction tickets market.

Managing Director Gavin Boswell stated “We are happy to get on board with a team that is totally committed to an area that is extremely interesting to us”.

Gavin went on to state that his own involvement would be  limited to advice and structuring the site to a more profitable business model.

“The guys have been doing a great job of gathering information and building up relationships. They don’t need me to show them how to write an article!”

When asked if there would be any further purchases Gavin stated “usrentacar.co.uk® are always on the look out for sites that fit in with our ethos”

So that’s a maybe then??? ;-)



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