Google Street view meets U.S. Rent A Car

Hi all,

Now before you say it, yes I do have too much time on my hands…. ;-) however I thought this was a pretty good way of using the google Street View technology to perhaps help usrentacar?customers to navigate around the roads near their collect point.

Check out Airport Blvd Orlando?for collections from Orlando International Airport.

Really detailed access to Miami International Airport, I’ve started you off in one of the car parks!!!

As near to Los Angeles International Airport?and JFK Airport?as I could get…

?Wet N Wild?I’ve included it more due to good memories splashing about with the kids.

Empire State Building

Golden Gate Bridge

Pretty impressive stuff from the Google team, it obviously raises tons of privacy issues and terrorism concerns but for this type of thing its pretty amazing.

Are there any places you have looked up, that you think might be of interest to U.S. Rent A Car customers?

What’s your opinion of Google Street View? Would you be keen to see us implement this technology in our search results?



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