Why Our Car Hire Staff Are The Best

Hi all,

I was looking through some of the reviews provided by our customers today when I came across this quote from Mr. D Flint

This was the first time we used USrentacar, but will not be the last the UK staff we extremely helpful and were only interested in getting us the best deal,not trying to push a more expensive option, like most ot the car hire companies do, I have already told many other friends to use you for their future trips…we were that well impressed…

Mr D Flint’s comments will bring smiles to the faces of our directors who made a conscious decision when they launched usrentacar.co.uk back in 2003 to buck the usual trend of sales patter and instead employ customer service consultants for traditional sales positions, they decided not to pay commission to agents but instead reward them for great service.

So when you call usrentacar.co.uk on 0845 226 8523, you can expect our staff to offer you the very best services and as Mr Flint buts is we are only “interested in getting you the best deal”.

Meet the staff (well some of them) –  Simon Palmer, James Thomas, Jane Hockey, Frank Williams and Kelly Morris.



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