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Panama City Beach has a population of about 40,000, Panama City Beach is a small city on northwest Florida’s panhandle. It is a popular tourist destination right on St. Andrews Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. The city’s official web site boasts that Panama City Beach is attractive for raising a family, which is true about eleven months a year. The web site also boasts that the city is an exciting tourist destination year-round, which is true, too. But the city is most well-known for one thing: Spring Break. 

College students from all over Canada and the U. S. Make their way to Panama City Beach each spring to party with other like-minded people. Hotels and motels line up to lure these partygoers to stay at their place but for those that want the ultimate experience renting a vaction property of villa rental is the only way to go!

During the day, there is plenty to do in Panama City beach with it and sandy beaches for swimming, soaking up rays. While the public beaches are the most popular, they get pretty crowded during Spring Break. However, don’t worry, there is always nearby St. Andrews State Park which has many more great beaches. There is a small fee to enter the park, but it might be worthwhile to avoid the crowds.

Nearby the main strip is a popular water park called Shipwreck Island. A ticket to get in is about $30 or so. For those that like to party the night away there are many bars, restaurants, and nightclubs available. The best-known nightclub is Club La Vela, purported to be the largest nightclub in America. The club is several stories high with many sections of multiple themed rooms where parties never slow down. Other well-known party spots include Spinnaker and Hammerhead Fred’s. Then there’s the Boardwalk Beach Resort, situated right on the beach. It hosts Spring Break concerts and themed contests all day every day and it might be the place for you to see and be seen.

There is also plenty of shopping, if that’s your thing. There are malls aplenty, as well as more souvenir shops than you can count. A popular local attraction is Alvin’s Magic Mountain Mall. It resembles a cave and everything from beachwear to cheap souvenirs can be found there. As it’s Florida, an alligator display is quite the attraction, as well.

Spring Break 2010 in Panama City Beach starts for some as early as mid February. The majority of students will enjoy their break throughout March with the two busiest weeks starting March 6th.

Locals get their small city back around April 10 of next year, when MTV Spring Break officially ends.

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Party on people!

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