What’s The Kick In Route 66?

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Just behind Las Vegas to San Francisco, Route 66 is our most popular one way rental. This iconic drive which has been immortalised in song and film, manages to capture the imagination of many a road warrior.

Route 66 traditionally starts in Chicago, from our experience most of our customers select Chicago O’Hare Airport to start their hire from; however Chicago’s second airport; Chicago Midway; actually works out as the cheaper option(see O’Hare’s local tax for more details). Route 66 ends in Santa Monica; most customers select Los Angeles International Airport as their drop off location. All our USA Car rental packages include unlimited mileage so the 2450 mile route wont add any additional mileage charges.

Remember Route 66 is iconic, if possible take your time, one of the best parts of a road trip is exploring. Route 66 takes you through some of the most interesting a picturesque locations in America.


From Chicago we head off to St Louis, things to do range from breath taking views from the Gateway Arch to a wonder around the massive Forest Park. From St Louis we head past Springfield (not that Springfield) and Tulsa to Oklahoma, home of the Cowboy and all things Western; highlights include the City Zoo and the Space/Science museum. At present we’ve covered just over 800 miles and been through 3 states.

Next up is Amarillo (yes that Amarillo), more cowboy country, well known for its massive portions of steak, I hope you’re hungry! Heading off now to Santa Fe and Las Vegas, get your camera’s ready as this part of the drive is known for its awesome scenery, obviously a quick stop at the Grand Canyon is required just to let you realise how small we all are compared to nature and then off in to Sin City to gamble your hearts away (hopefully not literally) .

The last leg of the journey takes us through the Mojave Desert and then on to the coast of Santa Monica…. 2450 miles completed, a load of pictures and I’m sure a few amazing stories to tell!

Things to consider

  1. As I’m sure you can imagine Convertible’s for this run become sold out quickly book very , very early to avoid disappointment.
  2. You will be charged an additional fee for picking up in one location and dropping at another (one way rental fee). You will be alerted to the local charge during the booking process.
  3. Don’t book the smallest vehicle! You’re going to be in this vehicle for a long time, get something comfortable.
  4. Take the gold or platinum rate, make sure you can share the driving.
  5. Plan regular stops, not just for the amazing views but to rest the driver.

I hope this helps a little. If you’ve driven route 66 I’d love to hear about your adventures below.



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What To Take On Your Road Trip In The USA

Hi all,

Road trips are extremely popular at the moment  and the USA has some veryroad-trip icon routes to follow, with Route 66 probably being the most famous.

Following on from our recent blog – How to plan a car hire usa road trip I have today put together a list of what to take with you on a road trip.

What to take with you on a road trip

  • Maps - Sat Nav’s are great, but always have a map just in case.
  • Blankets - Even though your first thought of the USA is warm sunshine parts of it, especially at night can be very cold.
  • Warm Clothing - Same as above really.
  • A Torch – self explanatory really, helpful to also pack some spare batteries.
  • First Aid Kit – Like a good boy scout, be prepared!
  • Drinking Water – Recommend amount in a desert is one gallon per day.
  • Mobile Phone - If you’re like me it permanently stuck to you anyway however communication can be key.
  • In Car Charger – As above
  • Oil, Anti Freeze and Petrol – Although the hire cars are serviced and checked regularly, its always a good idea to pack these in case of emergency.
  • Music
  • Cat Litter - Yeah I know, why would you take a cat on a road trip? however its not for the cat its for traction. If you get stuck in mud sprinkle some cat litter round your tire for traction. It also can be used to soak up oil etc
  • A Jack – Blow outs can happen.
  • Tyre Iron – As above
  • Jump Leads
  • Swiss Army Knife

Have I missed anything out?

Tell me about your road trip experiences.



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