My Top 5 Thrill Rides In Florida – SheiKra

Hi all,

Day 3 of my personal favourite Thrill rides and roller coasters in Florida. At present I’ve covered Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit and Manta, today’s coaster is Busch Gardens adrenaline boosting SheiKra, a drop coaster that you’ll never forget.

SheiKra at Busch Gardens, Tampa

SheiKra was actually the last coaster I rode on my trip around Florida, and it turned out to be one I’d never forget.

The unique selling point of SheiKra is the 200 ft delayed drop. Let me explain…

After getting on board and leaving the station, you begin to climb a 47 degree 200-foot lift hill. SkeiKra is in no rush to get you to the top so you get a great look round the park while at the same time building the suspense. The train then makes a U-turn and approaches the holding brake, which suspends the train for about 3–5 seconds on the precipice of the sheer 90-degree drop, now I’m quite confident in stating that at this point I have never been on a ride that produces so many screams from its riders. At the height of these screams you are released and plummet down and into a loop.

The ride does continue on from this point but not for long and to be honest I was so taken back by the drop I can’t remember much after it. :-)

Ride Facts

  • 200-foot 45-degree chain lift hill
  • 195-foot 90° drop
  • 140-foot-tall Immelmann
  • 138-foot 81° drop
  • Top speed 70 mph.

The very obvious talking point of this ride and one I still mention today is the 3-5 second delay, it really builds the suspension. Top tip, if you don’t like screaming wear ear plugs!!! offer great rates of Florida attraction tickets the Orlando Flex Ticket or the Bonus  tickets get you entry in to Busch Gardens for up to 14 days.

What’s your favourite Theme Park Ride?



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