USA Car Hire Rental Agreements Go Digital

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When you collect your vehicle from our suppliers locally you will be asked to sign a rental agreement. The rental agreement is a legally binding contract between you and the supplier which outlines everything that is included plus any additional items you elect to purchase locally. For example; a child seat, additional drivers or one way rental fee’s.

It is extremely important that you fully read and understand your agreement as it is very hard for us to fight any charges added to your agreement that you have signed for locally.

In the past these rental agreements have always been signed on physical paper. However in an effort to speed up the process Dollar Rent A Car have switched their rental agreements to digital contracts.

Examples -

We still recommend you fully read and understand your rental agreement before you digitally sign it and make sure if you have any questions you ask them at the time of collection.

Remember if you find you have signed for something locally, with Alamo or Dollar, that you do not recognise you do have the option to contact the local office within 24 hours to have the charge removed.

Have you used the new style digital rental agreement?

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Car Hire USA News

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This week’s blog includes awards, Tickets, Availability and agreements. So let’s get on with it…

Travelmole Awards

Firstly, we didn’t win the Travel Mole best car hire award this year. :-( It’s a shame as I really believed that looking at the sites we were up against we had a real chance however congratulations to all the winners.

We are now keeping our fingers crossed that we win the Travolution award for best car hire website.

Compare Attraction Tickets

Last week we launched the beta version of?Compare Attraction Tickets . Thanks to all those who tried the site and sent us feedback, all your comments are welcome and much appreciated.

Please continue to use the site and send me your comments, its really helpful.

Vehicle Availability

As I blogged about back in Feb this year (click here) there is a real shortage of vehicles to rent in the U.S.

The reason for this is partly that the car manufacturers haven’t produced the same amount of vehicles for the rental market as in previous years due mainly to the recession, the problem is that customers requesting ?vehicle’s has stayed at the same level and so the classic supply and demand problem starts.

I would continue to advise customers to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Rental Agreements

I have previously blogged about this subject (click here). It is imperative that you fully read your rental agreement and understand them before you sign.

The rental agreement is a legally binding contract between you and the supplier. ?Our customer care team can do very little if extras are purchased locally are countered signed and initialed by yourselves.

I appreciate you maybe tired from the long flight however please take a moment to fully read and address any concerns you have locally.

As always I welcome any comments regarding the subjects above.



Car Hire USA – Don’t pay for extra’s

Hi All,

As requested by Susan?Heath from Surrey, this week my blog relates to the guys and girls who work on the car rental desks.

These guys don’t really get the acknowledgement they deserve, the majority offer a first class service? and are a credit to their orginisations however?as with a lot of service jobs in the U.S.?the rental desk operators make up a large part of their pay by selling the additional add on’s on behalf of the supplier.

Personally I don’t mind being offered additional services, but I do not want to be hoodwinked, hard sold or offered services I already have.

Remember your rental agreement is a legally binding contract with the supplier, always read it and fully understand it before signing. After speaking to our customer care team I have bullet pointed the most common add on’s our customers complain about.

  • Advanced Roadside assistance – Customers have been lead to believe that their rentals do not include Roadside Assistance however standard roadside assistance is included in all our rentals.
  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)?- This insurance generally covers injury to you, it is more or likely similar to your own travel insurance.
  • Personal Effects Insurance (PEI) – Insures against items stolen from the vehicle again generally covered by your own travel insurance.
  • Trip Saver – Trip Saver is option often offered that pre-pays your vehicle for any toll booths you may go through. Handy if you plan to use a lot of toll roads but a waste of money if not.

Ways to avoid these charges

The majority of these charges could have been avoided, the most obvious one, is that the suppliers tighten up the processes for offering these additional services. However there are thing you can do to avoid unwanted extras.

  • Always read your rental agreement fully.? Click here?for my blog about rental agreements.?
  • Be aware of what you are signing for.
  • Look out for where the rental desk operator has circled, as this will show any extras.
  • Ask for confirmation from the agent that there are no additional charges to be made.
  • Re-Read your rental agreement! Click here?for my blog about rental agreements.?


As I mention above the majority of desk operators offer a good honest service. So please do not think that as soon as you get to the rental desk you will be harassed and forced to sign for every?extra under the sun, you wont, but from experience the worst part of working in our customer care department is having to tell a customer there is “nothing we can do because you signed?for it locally”.? Regardless of the amount of pressure we put on suppliers, if you’ve signed the rental agreement locally then you have agreed to the service.

Have you had any experience with this subject?

Is there anything you’d like me to blog about?




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