Understanding Your USA Car Rental Agreement

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Today’s post is about understanding your USA car rental agreement before you collect your vehicle.

Upon arrival in the U.S. you will be required to sign a rental agreement, this agreement is the contract between yourself (driver) and the car rental supplier (Alamo, Budget, Dollar etc). This is a legally binding contract and should be treated as such. We recommend you fully read and understand this document before signing it. Here are some items to look out for;

1. Rental Agreement No.

Designated by the Rental Agreement number, the rental agreement must be completed at the rental pick up location and should be carried with you in case you are required to prove you are legally in posession of the vehicle.

2. Car Serial Number

Designates the vehicle rented on the rental contract.

3. Rental Date, Time, Office

Shows the date, time, and rental station to return the vehicle, in which the vehicle was rented.

4. Return Date, Time, City

Shows the requested date, time, and rental station to return the vehicle without incurring any additional charges.

5. Allowable Drivers

Lists the drivers who are authorised to drive the vehicle. Extra drivers may be added at the time of rental and in some cases aftecolection. Additional charges may apply for additional drivers or underage drivers.

6. Additional Options/Other Information

Lists the additional options that may have been selected, such as, an upgrade of car, personal protection options, fuel options, etc.

7. Charges

Lists the itemisation of charges associated with the rental. As our rentals are pre-paid all the insurances we include (What’s Included) will be listed as $0.00, any additional charges will be noted here and should be queried if you do not recognise them.

The lead name on the confirmed reservation (the primary renter) must be the person whose credit card is used to pay any charges.

8. Rental Signatures

Confirms the terms of the rental agreement by all persons listed on the rental agreement.

example Alamo rental agreement:

 The rental agreement is very important and you should not feel rushed or pressured to be quick if you are at the head of a long queue; remember the queue is there problem not yours.



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Car Rental Agreements – Read it before you sign it.

The Rental Agreement is the contract between the supplier (Alamo, Budget, Dollar etc) and you, the renter.

All renters are asked to sign the rental agreement to confirm they understand and agree to the terms of the rental.? Any additional charges are listed on this document.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to fully read and understand exactly what you are signing.?The rental agreement is a legally binding contract for both parties.

One of the most common complaints we encounter are additional charges applied by the supplier, however the majority of these charges are backed up with signed rental agreements. Once a supplier can provide the signed rental agreement there really is nothing we can do to re-coup your money.

Although we do everything we can to make sure that our customers receive no “hard sell” at the rental counters, we urge every customer to fully read their rental agreements and understand exactly what they are signing for.

Have you encountered this before?

Do you require further clarification?

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