® Makes Car Hire Reviews More Relevant

Hi all,

Here at®we  are happy to announce, that today we have rolled out a series of improvements to our exclusive customer reviews.® are still the only USA car rental company to include over 20k independent customer written reviews within our search results and today’s improvements have made the reviews even more relevant.

When we first launch the review service in 2006 all the reviews were grouped together just by supplier, so if you were looking at an Budget Rent A Car review it may not have been specific to the location your were collecting from. In 2008 we made the alteration to show reviews via location, so if you were looking at a review for Budget at Orlando International Airport then all the reviews we for Budget Orlando International.

Today however, we have taken the reviews to the next level and now they are also grouped by vehicle category, so if you are looking at an Budget review, for Orlando International Airport based on the Compact 4dr, then all reviews will be strictly defined to this criteria.

You will also notice we have embedded the total amount of reviews available for the vehicle type, in this case 368 reviews.

The reviews are displayed in date order with the most recent collection displayed first, we have also added the option for our customers to confirm the make or model they collected, to give future customers a first hand look at what vehicle they are likely to collect. The facebook “like” button has also been incorporated, so if you like what you read please share it with others.

What do you think of our reviews?

Are there further improvements you’d like to see?



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