USA Petrol Prices To Hit September High

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Petrol prices in the USA look set to reach a 2011 high this month as refinery issues continue to have an impact on the market. with the Midwest and West Coast being the hardest hit.

At present suppliers are using summer fuel, which is still required to be used by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Summer fuel is in high demand but supply is short, which in turn is keeping pricing high.

Fuel prices will continue to rise in the short term until petrol/gas stations are able to decrease prices on the summer fuel in order to make the winter supply, prices then should begin to decrease.

Atlanta GA $3.610 $3.881
Boston MA $3.739 $4.009
Chicago IL $3.922 $3.935
Dallas TX $3.498 $3.789
Denver CO $3.438 $3.819
Detroit MI $3.752 $3.922
Houston TX $3.485 $3.745
Los Angeles CA $3.797 $4.175
Memphis TN $3.500 $3.809
Miami FL $3.744 $3.948
Minneapolis MN $3.706 $3.934
New Orleans LA $3.461 $3.725
Philadelphia PA $3.679 $4.051
Phoenix AZ $3.329 $3.692
Portland OR $3.745 $3.816
San Francisco CA $3.875 $4.330
Seattle WA $3.824 $4.143
St. Louis MO $3.413 $3.708
Washington DC $3.858 $4.147
National Average USA $3.608 $3.875

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USA Petrol Prices 2011

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U.S. citizens are up in arms at present over the sudden increase in petrol prices, seemingly over night the pump prices have gone up on average by 72 cents. March 2011 is now the most expensive March for petrol ever.


California is the USA’s most expensive state to fill up, at present on average you will pay $3.91 per gallon.


Montana is the USA’s cheapest state at present, where on average drivers will pay $3.19 per gallon.


Florida boasts the most expensive fuelling station, located in Orlando the Sun Coast Energy Gas Station is one of the last fuelling depot’s before Orlando International Airport. At present fuel costs are $5.39 a gallon for regular and $5.49 for premium.

USA drivers are calling the price increases “daylight robbery”, what do you think?

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