How To Pack Your Boot For Car Hire

Hi all,

The very first thing you have to remember about car hire is to rent a vehicle that will realistically house all your suitcases, remember an Economy vehicleover packed car can fit 5 people inside but there is no way it will take 5 peoples luggage.

Here is my guide to perfect packing

  • Rent a vehicle suitable for your requirements.
  • Pack the heavy items on the bottom, the last thing you want is to have too break hard and get a heavy suitcase in the back of your head!
  • Make sure you can see out of the back window, in some states its a criminal offence to obscure this view.
  • Take advantage of the pockets and pouches available in your rental vehicle.
  • If possible use soft pliable suitcases and not the hard topped kind.
  • Cram it in, I know it sounds obvious but use all the space you can, by rolling items, squishing items and squeezing items in.

Remember you can upgrade the size of your vehicle locally, however generally it will push the price of your hire above what you would have paid in the UK.

Have I missed out any important packing tips?

Have you had any experiences upgrading locally?



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Things to remember when packing

Hi all,

We have put together a very quick list of things we think are essential to remember to do or take with you on holiday. As always please feel free to agree, disagree or add to the list.

Remember to pack:

O Your U.S. Rent A Evoucher or voucher

O Passport – Remember to check it’s in date!

O Travel insurance documents

O Flight Tickets

O Hotel Documentation

O Credit Card

O Theme Park Tickets

O Traveler’s cheques

O Itinerary and invoices

O Local currency

O Driving License – Both parts of your license

O Emergency telephone numbers

O Pre-paid phone card

O Medication

O Luggage labels

O Sun lotion/After Sun

O Insect repellant

O First aid kit

O Electrical adaptor

O Camera/video recorder

O Plug adaptors


Remember to:

O Cancel the papers/milk

O Unplug necessary electrical items in the house

O Leave a contact list for family/neighbors

O Set burglar alarm

O Reduce or turn off heating etc


Have you found this helpful? Have we missed something obvious?



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