Our User Voted FAQ Section Hits 500 Votes

Hi all,

Last year we launched the redesign of usrentacar.co.uk one of the new features that perhaps slipped under the radar was our unique FAQ system.

usrentacar faq

The idea behind the new FAQ system was to position the most read car hire USA questions by importance, but who’s to say what the most important questions are? We obviously know from a company point of view what we believe the most important are, but have we covered that on the website already and therefore it doesn’t require additional pushing?

So what we decided upon was a voting system managed by you, the user. Basically we ask users to click on our green thumb to state they’ve read the question,  found it useful and believe that others will find it helpful.

The system has worked pretty well, and we found that the most rated question was to confirm what was included within our rates…. that was until the Florida Senate decided to muck around with driving licence laws.

Within an hour of adding an FAQ regarding this issue it had received over 30 votes and was positioned in the number 1 spot, it has stayed there ever since and is currently on 50 votes.

This question not only took our FAQ section to over 500 unique votes but also helped communicate the amendment in Florida law (which has now been paused) to our customers.

I think we’ll mark that down as a job well done.



 car hire USA

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