Join Our Facebook Page And Get Free Discount Voucher

Hi all,

Just a quick update, we’ve slowly gone from 87 facebook likes to 144 today. Which I’m very happy about, but of course we need more.

The facebook page is the first place you will hear about special offers and breaking news. Our facebook fans were the first people to hear about our deal with SeaWorld and our great under 25 car hire deal.

As if being first with all the information wasn’t enough! We are also giving away an Orlando discount voucher for all new members who have made a booking with us collecting in 2011.

How do I get this voucher?

To qualify for this voucher you must

  1. Have made a booking with or florida car hire .net, valid for collection in 2011.
  2. Must have “liked” us on facebook
  3. Simply post your order number (starts BK) on our facebook page and we will forward the voucher via email along with the list of participating attractions.

So tell your friends about it and lets get the facebook page up to 200 likes.

Kind regards,


 Florida car hire

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