My Top Five Car Hire USA Pet Peeves

Hi all,

If I don’t get my full 8 hours kip I generally turn in to the walking dead with a bad attitude and today is one of those days, thanks to teething and a baby…

This bad attitude has unfortunately manifested in the form of my latest post, my top 5 car hire USA pet peeve’s.

  1. Grace Period – Back in the day when I first started in car hire the world wasn’t in recession and people seemed happier, in those days suppliers would give customers an hours grace on returns. For example if the customer collected at 1pm but returned it at 1:59pm the supplier wasn’t bothered. Now a days, technically if you’re a minute over your confirmed drop time the supplier has the right to charge you for an entire days rental.
  2. Queues - I hate queuing, it doesn’t matter where it is or what I’m queuing for, I just hate it… So after a long flight, then immigration and then baggage claim, the last thing I want to do is queue for my car hire… Now don’t get me wrong I understand that there has to be a small amount of queuing but if the car hire suppliers worked more closely with us, we could take most of the required information here in the UK to speed the whole thing up. At present you can pre-register your details but not everyone knows this.
  3. Hard Sell – Now I understand the guys on the desks work on commission I have no problem with this, everyone has to earn a living, and before I continue I have to say the large majority of staff are excellent, however I have heard of instances mainly from a supplier we no longer work with, of hard sell tactics to customers who are travel weary and keen to get going. To be fair to most suppliers they can’t monitor every rental procedure every minute of the day and most do offer a 24 hour money back guarantee, however it doesn’t stop it from annoying me. For more information on what to expect please see my previous post Will They Try And Sell Me Something Extra?
  4. Petrol - Most companies have moved to the “buy up front return empty” fuelling policy, while this add’s a certain amount of simplicity to car rental, customers can end up paying more than necessary, for example if you hire for 1 day its unlikely you’ll use a whole tank of fuel. Why can’t we go back to the old days of giving the customer a choice?
  5. Technology – If  technology was the premiership car rental would be in the relegation zone, car hire is notoriously slow to pick up on new technologies and idea’s which for an energetic, young minded company like ourselves is very frustrating.  I don’t have enough finger and toes to count the amount of idea’s that have come to nothing due to the fact our suppliers are not on the same wave length.

Well there they are, and to be honest my mood has actually improved… getting things off your chest is therapeutic after all…

What are your car hire pet peeve’s?

Tomorrow I think I’ll post about the Five Thing’s I Love About USA Car Hire



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