A Week With The usrentacar Voucher App

Hi all,

You couldn’t have missed it;  this week saw the launch of our brand new usrentacar voucher app.

Today I thought I’d plot the weeks events and how the app has been perceived.

Monday 4th April – usrentacar releases unique voucher app

Monday was the official launch of the app,  following on from the sneak preview we gave  our facebook fans on the Friday previous. We started off by posting on the usrentacar Blog and officially announcing it via twitter.

We received a positive response and had to field quite a few questions regarding how it works and if we were looking to launch other app’s.

Tuesday 5th April – 10 facts about the usrentacar voucher app

The blog post regarding the app’s launch was our most visited story, on any one day, in our history and we received the first download stat’s that showed that over 100 people had downloaded the app on Fridays pre-launch.

We also received our first review via the app store titled “Nice app on the go” by K2monkey.

Good app if you don’t have time or anywhere to print a voucher – works well!

Wednesday 6th April

We got our first piece of press recognition from respected travel tech website Tnooz – Tnooz nuggets.

We also had some very positive download figures and another couple of reviews on the app store, our little app was at position 237 in UK which we were all pretty happy with.

Excellent! Very user friendly works well


I love the simple ease of use, travel with confidence!!

Thursday 7th April – Top 10 Countries to download the app

Our MD got in a discussion on the popular Travel Rants sites regarding the state of innovation within the UK travel industry, sighting our app as proof that innovation does occur.

We also got through states regarding the countries downloading the app. The UK was number 1, which you’d expect but countries we weren’t expecting were Taiwan and Kuwait!

Plus the app showed it’s true potential late Wednesday night when a customer of ours called to state she had forgotten to take her car hire voucher. As she was an iPhone user she quickly downloaded the app and the crisis was averted. :-)

Friday 8th April

So this has been our first week as an official app provider. What have we learned?

  1. Customers liked the app.
  2. Customers who didn’t have an iPhone wanted the app on their platform.
  3. Taiwan likes our app.
  4. Kuwait likes our app
  5. app’s are fun

I’ll leave you now with one last review which can be seen at the app store.

Great little ap. Really easy to use and meant I didn’t have to print off any documents. Company had good after sales services too when I needed help while I was in the US.

So go to the app store now and search “usrentacar” or click here to download.



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