15 Ways To Spot A Drink Driver

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If all 17 million people who admitted to driving drunk in 2010 had their own state, it would be the fifth largest in the U.S. 

Drink driving in the states is still a major problem, over 1.4 million drivers were arrested in 2010 for driving whilst under the influence. It’s terrifying statistics like this and personal experience that lead to the founding of MADD.org Mothers Against Drink Driving; please visit their website and read through their informative site and their heart wrenching stories.

Today’s post is to highlight MADD’s campaign to eliminate drunk driving, MADD themselves are lobbying to turn cars into the cure however families must continue to be vigilant on our roadways. Here are 15 ways to spot a drink driver.

  1. Quick acceleration or deceleration
  2. Tailgating
  3. Weaving or zig-zagging across the road
  4. Driving anywhere other than on a road designated for vehicles
  5. Almost striking an object, curb, or vehicle
  6. Stopping without cause or erratic braking
  7. Drifting in and out of traffic lanes
  8. Signaling that is inconsistent with driving actions
  9. Slow response to traffic signals (e.g. sudden stop or delayed start)
  10. Straddling the center lane marker
  11. Driving with headlights off at night
  12. Swerving
  13. Driving slower than 10 mph below the speed limit
  14. Turning abruptly or illegally
  15. Driving into opposing traffic on the wrong side of the road

But what do I do if I spot someone drinking under the influence?

First, stay as far away from the other vehicle as possible.
Second, do not try to pass the vehicle or signal the driver to pull over.  Doing so could result in a collision.
Third, take notice of the license plate number of the driver along with details of the vehicle including make, model and color. However, make sure you don’t compromise your own safety trying to obtain this information.
Finally, pull over and call 911.  Give the exact location of the vehicle, including the name of the road or cross streets and the direction the vehicle is traveling. Give a complete description of the vehicle and the manner in which the vehicle is being driven.

With your help MADD.org can make a real difference.



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