It’s The Final Countdown… Sort Of…

Hi all,

The redesign bought with it a lot of new features, most of which I have touched upon in the recent weeks.

One feature I haven’t mentioned yet is the move towards live availability, for many years we’ve had to patiently wait while car hire caught up with the rest of the travel industry by making API’s and XML technology openly accessible to  us.

At present we have live availability with the following suppliers Alamo Rent A Car, Dollar Rent A Car, National Car Rental and Thrifty Rent A Car, this basically means that any vehicle shown on our site with these companies is available to book and will be confirmed immediately, the only time this isn’t the case is when a customer is looking for a one way rental on a specialist vehicle, but our site will make this clear at the time of booking.

So what’s the clock for?

As you will have noticed our site now displays a clock counting down from 15 mins (shown below).

With live availability comes great responsibility (or something like that), as we are directly linked to the suppliers inventory we are in theory blocking all those vehicles from being booked.

Now we obviously can’t do this for an infinite amount of time,  so we have agreed a session time of 15 mins, when your 15 mins is up (as shown by the clock) the vehicles are put back on to open sale and you will be redirected to this page.

We recently added the “research” button which allow you to return to your last search. This way we can keep the content fresh and available to all.

So that’s the reason we have the clock…



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