To flash or not to flash that is the car hire question!

Hi all,

Granted the title could be misconstrued as being slightly rude but of course the “flashing” I’m?referring to?is your headlights.

What we mean

In the UK we flash our headlights to signal we are giving way to the other vehicle.headlight

Like the good?drivers we all are ;-) we are considerate to other road users and sometimes allow another?vehicle to have right of way even when we have the right….

What they mean

However in the U.S. the flashing of lights generally indicates to other road users that you are claiming right of way and that you have priority! So just remember this when you think about being kind, they have guns ;-)

Other meanings

Of course there are also slight variations to this rule, for instance;

If you get over taken by another vehicle its ok to flash your flights to signal they have enough room to pull in.

Although illegal in some states, you may notice drivers flash you to warn of an upcoming speed trap or to indicate an accident.


Rule of thumb, if you’re on a narrow road and you meet an oncoming vehicle, he who flashes first, goes first….

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