Meet The U.S. Rent A Car Staff – Kelly Morris

Name: Kelly Morris

Position: Customer Care Representativetinkerbell

Years Served: Just over 3 years

Biog (what do you do here): I deal with customer service queries before and after the client has travelled, answer calls to help customer’s with queries and also answer emails.

Area of Expertise: Customer service is my main role so I aim to keep customer’s happy. Am fun and Cheerful on the telephone and customer’s are comfortable speaking with me (as far as I am aware anyway).

Favourite USA Location: Orlando, Florida (the kiddy place as I’m a big kid at heart)

Ideal Road Trip Companion (not your partner): Wenthworth Miller……. he is a little bit too old for me but a girl can dream, and he looks younger than he is.

Favourite Car: A convertible of any type, I’m liking the Peugeot 306 convertible in Black (very sophisticated) and wouldn’t say no to a Mustang

If you were a Disney Character or Character that appears at Universal who would you be?: I would go for Tinkerbell as she reminds me alot of myself.

Our Car Hire USA Twitter account

Hi all,

This is more information than an actual blog, however our much under utilised twitter account @usrentacar has now been taken off my hands, and mostly due to the fact I’ve slightly neglected it.

The good news though is our own Kelly Morris has now taken this under her wing, so hopefully, (and this wont be hard) she’ll do a much better job than I did.

Is there anything in particular you would like Kelly to tweet about, apart from special offers etc?

I have not abandoned twitter altogether though you can still follow me on twitter @gavinboswell.



Gavin Boswell,

U.S. Rent A

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