Car Games To Keep The Kids Entertained

Hi all,

On Sunday I drove myself and the family up to Birmingham to visit the inlaws (don’t judge me), now the drive is only 3 hours but to my children it seemed like at least 10!

To pass the time we tried a few car games to keep them entertained and they seemed to work. The U.S. is such a huge place driving to theme parks and attractions are usually a minimum of 20 mins and if you’re on a road trip even longer.

Here are a few games you could try in conjunction with your USA car hire.

The Licence Plate Game

There are two ways to play this, the first one is very much suited to the U.S. Basically the idea is to spot a licence plate registered to every state in America, first to do it, or gets the most is the winner.

The second game evolves around making words out of licence plates incorporating the letters on the plate, the longer the word the more points you score.

The A-Z Game

This game requires the players to know their alphabet and is probably only suited to day time play. Players take it in turns to work through the alphabet, A-Z  spotting various things outside of the car – so the first player must find a sign with a word beginning “A” and so forth. A winner is decided when their opposition cannot think of a word.

Yellow Car Game

Now this one is strictly down to parental discretion but one me and my brothers enjoyed playing when we were young, but one my own children are banned from playing due to over eagerness.

However the idea of the game is simple, if you see a yellow car you punch your opponent on the arm stating “yellow car”. An incorrect punch earns the puncher a double punch. Punching hard enough to make some one cry is strictly forbidden.


Players take turns at saying letters. If you say a letter which completes a word, or which means the letters can no longer be used as a word, you lose, so that play might proceed thus: “A”… “P”… “P”… “L”… “E”… The player saying “E” will lose here, having completed a word. An alternative might have been “I” which would leave the other players having to work towards “application”. The game is clearly named for its passing similarity to an Ouija board.

Guess the intro

In my day this was harder to play as we only had a cassette sterio, now a day the use of MP3 players makes this game a lot quicker.

This is how it works, the games master (usually the passenger in the front) play’s a few seconds of a given song’s intro, players then “buzz” in and guess the intro. Points are awarded for guessing correctly and subtracted for incorrect guesses.

I hope these games can help you pass the time. Are there any games I’ve missed or you could share?



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