In Car Apps Could Be The Next Big Thing

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Apologies for the lack of posts recently, to be totally honest we’re at that time ford-car-apps of year when nothing actually happens, we are still waiting to see what impact Hertz’s purchase of Dollar Rent A Car will have on the industry and if further consolidation will occur.

While car rental is twiddling its thumbs the tech world is not and at this years CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Ford and GM gave us a glimpse in to what the next generation of vehicles will include.

In the past car manufactures have come to consumers shows like CES and given us talks about what the future may bring however this year they actually showed us, and its all about in car app’s. Both companies agree that the connected car is the future, interestingly though they disagree about how consumers will interact with their automobile.

Ford have opened their API/SDK to developers to build app’s for smartphones which then plug in to the car, GM have gone down a different route and have opened up their API/SDK for apps to be built within the framework of the car.

Ford tells us that more than 1,000 developers have already signed up for access to its SDK since it was announced earlier this week and that it is seeing high and sustained traffic to its developer site.

For me, Fords plan of building in to smartphones makes more sense, technology is moving so fast that a GM vehicle fitted with their technology could be obsolete within a year,  how often does someone update their smartphone compared to their car?

Here is a video of glympse an app already sync’d with Ford.

So all this great technology begs the question, how could USA car hire suppliers integrate their own apps in to the connected car?



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