What to expect from Hurricane Season 2009

Hi all,

Just read a very interesting article on visit-the-coqui.com regarding hurricane season for 2009. Hurricane season runs from 01/06/09 until the 30/11/09.

The latest prediction from the hurricane forecast team at Colorado State University seems to point towards an “average” one, of 12 named storms, 6 are forecast to be hurricanes, with 2 being categorised as major hurricanes (category 3 or higher).

The findings are based on?’a weak El Nino maritime temperature fluctuation, along with an unusual cooling of tropical Atlantic sea surface temperatures it observed in recent months’.?

There is a 31% chance that the U.S. gulf coast between Florida and Texas will be hit by a major hurricane.

Have you ever been caught in a hurricane? Tell us about your experiences.

Have you heard something different regarding Hurricane season? Please feel free to share.



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