How To Download The New Android App

Hi all,

Yesterday we quietly launched the Android Voucher App, looking at the download statistics this morning we were pleasantly surprised at the high number of uptakes. More than our first day with the iPhone App!

Today I thought I run you through how to download our app via the Android Market

Stage 1

Visit the Android Market website at

Stage 2

Search for “usrentacar“.

Stage 3

Click on Install or the logo image.

Stage 4a

If you clicked on the logo you will see this description page, click install to continue.

Stage 4b

Click install, you may have to login to your Android account first.

And that’s it… all done. The next time you attach your phone to your computer the voucher app will be downloaded straight to your phone.

Alternatively you can download the app from your phone, by following the above stages on your phone’s market.

So what are you waiting for…. make your voucher mobile….



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