How We Can Use Historical Data To Predict Car Makes & Models

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The most  frequently asked questions we’re asked here is also the one question we can never fully answer.

“Which make/model vehicle will I receive?”

Our suppliers do not guarantee make or model of any of their vehicles, its the reason that all our categories state “or similar” after them, it’s another reason we can never guarantee how many suitcases will fit in the boot or how many miles the vehicle will do to the gallon. It’s infuriating to everyone, but from the suppliers point of view its better to be slightly vague than disappoint.

The prime example would be the promise of a certain model of vehicle that the customer knows will fit all their luggage in only for the previous renter of the said vehicle to be involved in an accident and the vehicle written off. In this instance the supplier would be liable. This is just one imaginary scenario that stops our suppliers from guaranteeing a make or model.

When we’re asked about the make or model of a vehicle that a customer is likely to get we do two things

1) Supplier Recommendation

We have direct links with all our suppliers who feed their information in to our system. Our suppliers will generally feed the most likely vehicle type in to our search results.

2) Historical Data

For me this is the best and most useful data we have, here’s how it works. After every rental (and we do a lot) we ask our customers to review the service they’ve received from the supplier, part of this review asks our customer to confirm the make and model of the vehicle they’ve received.

usrentacar data

This allows us to build up a database of real time makes and models  from verified customers.

Here’s how to check it yourself ;

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the location you’re looking to hire from.
  3. You can select a specific supplier or view all reviews.
  4. Select the vehicle category you’re interested in or view all vehicles.
  5. You can select how far back you want the reviews from.
  6. Scroll through the reviews, car makes/model can be found on the right hand side of each review.

The review system can be manipulated to specifically pick out vehicle category, location and supplier so there really is no better way to get an idea of what vehicle you’re likely to collect.

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How Can I Guarantee A Ford Mustang?

Hi all,

As you all know we can never guarantee make or model of any of our suppliers vehicles….. until now….ish…. is offering a brand new service that will leave petrol heads beaming from ear to ear.

From selected locations in Florida, California and Nevada, will offer customers the option to secure a 100% guaranteed Ford Mustang convertible.

How it works

You will note a new “Ford Mustang Option” at major locations including

Florida Car Hire

  • Orlando International Airport
  • Sanford International Airport
  • Miami International Airport
  • Tampa International Airport

California Car Hire

  • Los Angeles International Airport
  • San Francisco International Airport
  • Las Vegas International Airport

The option is called “Ford Mustang Option” and can be purchased with our inclusive and gold rates.

Once purchased, we then have 72 working hours to get confirmation from one of our suppliers (including  Alamo, Budget or Dollar) that they have secured and guaranteed the Mustang for you.  Our normal availability terms and conditions apply.

Once confirmed guarantee’s that the chosen supplier, negotiated by us will provide you with a Ford Mustang. This service is only available to new bookings and by booking this option you agree to use the major car hire supplier of our choice.

So what are you waiting for; get booking…



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