Meet The U.S. Rent A Car Staff – Frank Williams

Name: Frank Williams

Position: Business Development Director  homer_simpson3

Years Served: 5

Biog (what do you do here): I have a back ground in car rental and I joined the company at the end of 2004 as a reservations agent. I somehow managed to rise through the ranks becoming a team leader and then eventually General Manager. This position involved being responsible for the day to day operations of the reservations team and the customer services department. At present I am the Business Development Director, the role is very expansive and covers many aspects including social media.

Area of Expertise: Training and developing new processes.

Favourite USA Location: Las Vegas

Ideal Road Trip Companion (not your partner): Eva Mendes…what? I imagine she has great conversation skills hehe

Favourite Car: Land Rover Defender (lots of  fun)

If you were a Disney Character or Character that appears at Universal who would you be?: Probably Homer Smpson from the Simpson’s ride at Universal Orlando.

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