The Guys On The Desks Work On Commission, Here’s How To Survive

Hi all,

Peak season, high season, holiday season; call it what you like we’re in it. At no time during the year will more people collect their USA Car Hire than in July and August.

So what things should you remember to make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible?

Your rental voucher

The rental voucher provided by either via our app or printed from our website details exactly what is included within your package, it also tells our supplier that you have prepaid your car hire.

Producing this at the desk is a must for an easy pick up.


The guys and girls on the desks of all rental suppliers work on commission, they are paid a base rate and then make up a large portion of their salary by selling optional extras, for example; upgrades, personal insurance, top up breakdown cover and the toll passes.
I’m not saying that you shouldn’t purchase these extras if you really want to, but bear in mind they are trained to sell as well as offer great customer services.

Rental Agreement

Upon collection, you will be asked to sign a rental agreement, this rental agreement is a legally binding contract between yourself and the supplier. Stated on this agreement will be any addition charges you owe the supplier; for example; if you hire a GPS unit locally or upgrade your vehicle.

We advise that you read this agreement and only sign it once you are completely happy with what you are signing for. It is very hard for us to argue a customers case in any dispute if the supplier has a signed rental agreement.

Double Check

I appreciate that when you’re at the airport you really just want to get to your accommodation and start your holiday, so you may skim read the rental agreement.

Once you’ve got to your villa or hotel and settled down a little, take another quick look at your rental agreement and make sure you’re happy with exactly everything you’ve signed for. Most of our suppliers offer a 24 hour satisifaction guarantee where if you aren’t happy with something you’ve purchased at collection you can simply call a number and have it removed. Alamo Rent A Car at Orlando Airport have recently been known to give each customer a business card with contact email addresses answered within 2 hours.

Now you’re armed with all this free knowledge go forth and drive our rental vehicles…. enjoy. Remember is always here to support you.



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