Worst Drivers In The USA

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Firstly apologies for the lack of blog action last week, I was battling a very bad case of man flu but I’m fighting fit now.


Today I stumbled across some interesting statistics based on the best and worst drivers in America. I thought you guys might find it useful so you know where to keep extra alert.


Best Drivers

Rank   City

1          Des Moines, IA

2          Jersey City, NJ

3          New York, NY

4          Yonkers, NY

5          San Francisco, CA

6          St. Paul, MN

7          Minneapolis, MN

8          Buffalo, NY

9          Grand Rapids, MI

10        San Jose, CA

Worst Drivers

Rank   City

1          Columbia, SC

2          St. Louis, MO

3          Greensboro, NC

4          Jackson, MS

5          Cheyenne, WY

6          Kansas City, MO

7          Orlando, FL

8          Charlotte, NC

9          Nashville, TN

10        Corpus Christi, TX

 Have you had any experience in any of the places mentioned above?

Have these statistics missed anyone out?




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