Dollar Rent A Car Release 2014 Fleet Guide

Morning all and happy New Year,

With 2014 firmly into its stride we’re beginning to get information regarding the car hire USA Fleets for 2014. First to send me the information is Dollar Rent A Car.

Industry experts (and myself) believe 2014 will be a very interesting year for Dollar,  their parent company Hertz hopes to have them full integrated into their system within quarter 1 which will mean that a company which had total  access to roughly 170,000 vehicles in the U.S. will now have access to approximately 700,000 cars. What does this mean? Well it should mean we’ll see a lot more competitive and flexible Dollar Rent A Car.

We’ve already been witness to the “Hertz effect” here at U.S. Rent A Car, average user review scores have risen year on year and an amendment in their customer services department has seen a massive increase in response times, which we hope will continue over 2014.

Dollar Rent A Car Fleet Guide

dollar fleet 2014

Now as it states above this is only for guidance and is not a guarantee of make, model, luggage capacity, MPG etc but it does give a great indication to what vehicle types you can expect and in which category. The most important one for us as its the question we’ve asked the most, is the convertible category…. and it looks like Dollar Rent A Car will again have the most Ford Mustangs on fleet for 2014. :-)

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Check Out The New Redesign For The Ford Mustang

Hi all,

A very quick and not at all scientific poll of people in my office has just confirmed that the Ford Mustang is the vehicle we’d most like to drive route 66 in.

Yesterday Ford announced the Sixth Generation version of the Ford Mustang 50 years since its original debut. The 2015 model has been redesigned with the  old 1969 Mustang model in mind.

ford mustang 2015

It will have a v8 engine and with options to  upgrade the basic model  including valve train and cylinder heads that bring 420 horsepower and 390 pound-feet of torque.

Here’s Fords Mustang Video

What do you think of the new Ford Mustang 2015?



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Ford Mustang Option Now Available In California

Hi all,

As reported last week we are slowly rolling out pricing for our very popular guaranteed Ford Mustang Option and I promised I’d keep you all updated when we launched new locations.

Today I am keeping my word, as I’m happy to announce that the Ford Mustang option for 2103 is now available from participating locations in California.

What is the Ford Mustang Option? exclusively offer’s it’s customers the opportunity to guarantee a Ford Mustang, generally suppliers only offer vehicle’s based on a “or Similar” basis. We have reached an agreement to override this.

How do I book the Ford Mustang Option?

When you search our website look for the Ford Mustang Option logo on the results page – Its clearly marked so you wont miss it (assuming its available at your location, otherwise it wont appear in the results), its marked by a red logo that state “Ford Mustang Option”.

All you need to do is select that option and go through the booking process; will then take a maximum of 72 working hours to secure you that particular vehicle.

What do usrentacar do that others don’t?

Behind the scene’s we go to each of our suppliers and basically offer them the rental under the strict conditions that they guarantee the Ford Mustang.

The Ford Mustang Option is subject to the following  terms and conditions -

  • Ford Mustang Option is only available for request in selected locations.
  • If Ford Mustang Option logo appears in results it does not necessarily mean the vehicle will be confirmed. All requests will need to be confirmed by the supplier.
  • At the time of your request we will take a pre-authorisation from your payment details. You will only be charged if the supplier confirms your vehicle and we issue a rental voucher.
  • In the event that the vehicle is not available you will not be charged.
  • Minimum drivers age is 25.
  • Offer not available for USA or Canadian license holders.
  • Offer is subject to confirmation by our suppliers.
  • Vehicle make: Ford, Vehicle model: Mustang will be guaranteed. Vehicle model specifics: such as GT or Hard top, interior, vehicle features etc cannot be guaranteed.
  • Ford Mustang, once confirmed, will be a convertible vehicle.
  • Driver must have held a full, clean valid drivers licence for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Drivers that have been banned from driving within the last 5 years will not be allowed to hire.
  • Rental is subject to our normal terms and conditions

At present the Ford Mustang Option is available from San Francisco Airport and Los Angeles  Airport only we hope to add further locations shortly.



 car hire USA

Which Makes and Model’s Fall In To What Category?

Hi all,

Or similar, or similar, or similar… in case you didn’t know all the vehicle descriptions we offer are followed by the words “or similar”, we can never guarantee make or model of the vehicle you will receive upon collection.

There are a few reasons for this, which you can read about here but today’s post is more about the vehicles you’re likely to receive. was the first USA car hire company to ask for customer reviews, we’ve been doing this since 2004 and have the largest collection of Florida car hire reviews in the UK. Part of the review process invites customers to tell us the make and model of the vehicle they have collected.

So below is a list of vehicles for each category that our customers have collected from various places in the USA, the information below is available by visiting the usrentacar car hire usa reviews page.

Economy – Chevy Aveo, Toyota Yards,  Chevrolet Cobalt

Compact – Ford Focus, Ford Fusion, Kia Forte

Intermediate - Dodge Avenger, Ford Taurus, VW Passat

Standard -  Mitsibushi Galant

Full Size - Chevrolet malibu, Dodge Charger, Chevy Impala

Premium - Ford Edge, Ford Crown Victoria, Chrysler 300

Luxury -  Lincoln MKZ.  Cadillac DTS

Convertible – Ford Mustang, Chrysler 200

Intermediate SUV – Ford Escape, Nissan Murano, Jeep Liberty

Standard SUV – Kia Sorrento,  Dodge Journey

7 Seater Minivan - Dodge Grand Caravan

Please note the information below does not take in to consideration upgrades and is not representative of every supplier or location.

I hope this helps some of you with your holiday planning.



 Florida car hire

The Top 5 Most Rented Vehicle’s On This Summer

Hi all,

Summer is here and we are almost a month in to our busiest period of the year. I can confirm it has not let us down and we have been rushed off our feet providing not only great  USA car hire deals but fantastic deals on  Orlando attraction tickets as well.

I thought I’d take a moment to pause, take a quick breath and have a look at the top 5 most rented vehicles on this summer.

As regular readers will know we generally cannot guarantee make or model of our vehicles, just the category, so for example if you book an Intermediate sports utility vehicle, which is described as a Ford Escape we are not guaranteeing you a Ford Escape but we are guaranteeing you an Intermediate sports utility. Anyway within the top 5 chart I will also point out the recent makes and models being collected, this information is gathered from reviews supplied by our customers which can be viewed here – car hire USA reviews

  1. Intermediate SUV – Chevrolet Captiva, Jeep Liberty, Ford Escape
  2. Convertible – Ford Mustang, Chrysler 200, Chevy Camaro
  3. 7 Seater Minivan – Dodge Grand Caravan, Kia Sedona
  4. Full Size 4dr – Chevy Impala, Nissan Altima, Ford Taurus
  5. Economy 2dr – Toyota Yards, Nissan Versa, Ford Accura

Its great to see some suppliers now offering the Chevy Camaro in the convertible range, for me its a more exciting vehicle than the Ford Mustang.

Is there a particular vehicle you’d love to drive?



 Florida car hire

Best Locations To Collect A Ford Mustang From In Florida

Hi all,

For a lot of people hiring a Ford Mustang in Florida would be a dream come true, however reality can sometimes be a pain, none of the car hire USA suppliers; Alamo, Budget or Dollar will guarantee you a make or model and will always state or similar.

So I thought it might be a good idea to go through some of the information we have regarding vehicle types being collected by our customers and see which Florida locations offered the best chance of collecting a Ford Mustang.

Orlando International Airport

Alamo Rent A Car –  6/10 of the last Convertibles collected were Ford Mustang’s.

Budget Rent A Car – 8/10 of the last Convertibles collected were Ford Mustang’s.

Dollar Rent A Car – 10/10 of the last Convertibles collected were Ford Mustang’s.

Sanford International Airport

Alamo Rent A Car –  5/10 of the last Convertibles collected were Ford Mustang’s.

Budget Rent A Car – 6/10 of the last Convertibles collected were Ford Mustang’s.

Dollar Rent A Car – 9/10 of the last Convertibles collected were Ford Mustang’s.

Miami International Airport

Alamo Rent A Car – 8/10 of the last Convertibles collected were Ford Mustang’s.

Budget Rent A Car – 6/10 of the last Convertibles collected were Ford Mustang’s.

Dollar Rent A Car – 9/10 of the last Convertibles collected were Ford Mustang’s.

Tampa International Airport

Alamo Rent A Car – 7/10 of the last Convertibles collected were Ford Mustang’s.

Budget Rent A Car – 8/10 of the last Convertibles collected were Ford Mustang’s.

Dollar Rent A Car – 10/10 of the last Convertibles collected were Ford Mustang’s.

The information above is based on the last 10 reviews received for each supplier for the specific location stated above; where the customer has categorically stated they had received a Ford Mustang and where the customer has booked from our Convertible category. The information provided above does not guarantee make or model from any of our suppliers.

As you can see from above, Dollar Rent A Car seems to be the best bet for you Mustang lovers out there and could be the main reason why they sell out so quickly. Remember your hire car can be reserved with just a £50 deposit with the balance due 8 weeks prior to departure.



 Florida car hire

Tips And Hints On How To Secure A Ford Mustang

Hi all,

One of the questions I get asked time and time again is “How can I guarantee a Ford Mustang?” the simple answer is, you can’t 100% guarantee it.

Which is why we always quote “or similar”. Reason’s for this can be found on my previous post – Car Hire USA or similar

However there are certain things that can be done to reduce the chance of missing out.

Below are my top tips for hiring a Ford Mustang in the USA.

  • Let us know – If you drop us an email or give us a call we’ll be happy to place your preference on your USA car hire voucher and via our supplier manifest.
  • Select Dollar – As part of our rental procedures and via our voucher app we ask our customers to tell us which vehicle makes they have collected, the supplier with the greatest success rate of providing Ford Mustangs is Dollar Rent A Car.
  • Be Flexible – If they don’t have a Mustang when you arrive ask when they will have one, or if a local office could swap your model for one?
  • Choice Product – Select suppliers who operate a choice system, where you select the vehicle you want from the category of vehicle you have hired. Alamo and Dollar offer this.
  • Airports – Collect from an Airport, suppliers generally have larger fleets at Airport locations therefore increasing your chance of renting a Mustang.

I drove a Ford Mustang on my last visit to the U.S. and loved every minute of it.

Do you have any tips to help our customers get their dream vehicle?



 car hire USA

How Can I Guarantee A Ford Mustang?

Hi all,

As you all know we can never guarantee make or model of any of our suppliers vehicles….. until now….ish…. is offering a brand new service that will leave petrol heads beaming from ear to ear.

From selected locations in Florida, California and Nevada, will offer customers the option to secure a 100% guaranteed Ford Mustang convertible.

How it works

You will note a new “Ford Mustang Option” at major locations including

Florida Car Hire

  • Orlando International Airport
  • Sanford International Airport
  • Miami International Airport
  • Tampa International Airport

California Car Hire

  • Los Angeles International Airport
  • San Francisco International Airport
  • Las Vegas International Airport

The option is called “Ford Mustang Option” and can be purchased with our inclusive and gold rates.

Once purchased, we then have 72 working hours to get confirmation from one of our suppliers (including  Alamo, Budget or Dollar) that they have secured and guaranteed the Mustang for you.  Our normal availability terms and conditions apply.

Once confirmed guarantee’s that the chosen supplier, negotiated by us will provide you with a Ford Mustang. This service is only available to new bookings and by booking this option you agree to use the major car hire supplier of our choice.

So what are you waiting for; get booking…



 Florida car hire

Which Car Makes And Models Are Our Customers Collecting In March?

Hi all,

One of my more popular series of posts mentioned vehicles that our customers were actually collecting – SUV’s , Convertibles and Minivans.

I thought I’d revisit these posts and offer an idea of the car rentals being collected in March 2011

Sports Utility Vehicles

The Sports Utility Vehicle has been a big seller in 2011, with the intermediate SUV being the pick of the bunch.

Mrs K Horsefield collected an Intermediate SUV from Orlando International Airport with Dollar Rent A Car on the 11/03/11 and got a Ford Escape.

Mr J Hyde collected a Standard SUV from Las Vegas International Airport again with Dollar Rent A Car on the 15/03/11 and got a Grand Jeep Cherokee.

Mr M Ding collected a 7str SUV from Washington Dulles Airport with Alamo Rent A Car on the 14/03/11 and got a Ford Expedition.


Our customers love convertibles, especially the Ford Mustang So you’ll be happy to know that the first 3 customers I checked all received Ford Mustangs.

Mr I Prideaux collected a Ford Mustang from Kissimmee with Dollar Rent A Car on the 05/03/11.

Mr N Foxall collected a Ford Mustang from Orlando International Airport with Dollar Rent A Car on the 15/03/11.

Mr C Beckett completed his rental of a Ford Mustang at Miami International Airport with Budget Rent A Car on the 15/03/11


Large families and groups take advantage of these larger vehicles.

Mr R Tooby collected a 12 str minivan from Fort Lauderdale with Dollar Rent A Car on the 06/03/11 and got a Ford E350.

Mr S Carver collected a 7 Seater Minivan from Sanford Airport with Budget Rent A Car on the 15/03/11 and got a Dodge Caravan.

Mrs L Young collected an 8 Seater minivan from Tampa International Airport with Alamo Rent A Car and got a Toyota Sienna.

I hope you find this usual. If there is a category of vehicle you would like me to check or a specific pick up location please let me know by commenting below.



 car hire USA

Ever Wondered What Vehicles Our Customers Are Collecting?

Hi all,

If you’ve every wondered what vehicles our customers are collecting at present our new review section is something that will interest you.

The review section is specific to the location, supplier and car category you are looking to hire. All the information added comes from our own customers.


?So for instance, if you are interested in hiring a convertible vehicle from Orlando International Airport with our supplier Budget Rent A Car our customer review section shows on the 24/12/10 our customer Mr. Hannett picked up a Ford Mustang.

Although we can never guarantee make or model of any of our suppliers vehicles we hope this exclusive and unique services will give our customers a better idea of what they could possibly be collecting.

What do you think of our latest innovation?



 car hire USA

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