Ford Mustang Option Now Available In California

Hi all,

As reported last week we are slowly rolling out pricing for our very popular guaranteed Ford Mustang Option and I promised I’d keep you all updated when we launched new locations.

Today I am keeping my word, as I’m happy to announce that the Ford Mustang option for 2103 is now available from participating locations in California.

What is the Ford Mustang Option? exclusively offer’s it’s customers the opportunity to guarantee a Ford Mustang, generally suppliers only offer vehicle’s based on a “or Similar” basis. We have reached an agreement to override this.

How do I book the Ford Mustang Option?

When you search our website look for the Ford Mustang Option logo on the results page – Its clearly marked so you wont miss it (assuming its available at your location, otherwise it wont appear in the results), its marked by a red logo that state “Ford Mustang Option”.

All you need to do is select that option and go through the booking process; will then take a maximum of 72 working hours to secure you that particular vehicle.

What do usrentacar do that others don’t?

Behind the scene’s we go to each of our suppliers and basically offer them the rental under the strict conditions that they guarantee the Ford Mustang.

The Ford Mustang Option is subject to the following  terms and conditions -

  • Ford Mustang Option is only available for request in selected locations.
  • If Ford Mustang Option logo appears in results it does not necessarily mean the vehicle will be confirmed. All requests will need to be confirmed by the supplier.
  • At the time of your request we will take a pre-authorisation from your payment details. You will only be charged if the supplier confirms your vehicle and we issue a rental voucher.
  • In the event that the vehicle is not available you will not be charged.
  • Minimum drivers age is 25.
  • Offer not available for USA or Canadian license holders.
  • Offer is subject to confirmation by our suppliers.
  • Vehicle make: Ford, Vehicle model: Mustang will be guaranteed. Vehicle model specifics: such as GT or Hard top, interior, vehicle features etc cannot be guaranteed.
  • Ford Mustang, once confirmed, will be a convertible vehicle.
  • Driver must have held a full, clean valid drivers licence for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Drivers that have been banned from driving within the last 5 years will not be allowed to hire.
  • Rental is subject to our normal terms and conditions

At present the Ford Mustang Option is available from San Francisco Airport and Los Angeles  Airport only we hope to add further locations shortly.



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