Tips And Hints On How To Secure A Ford Mustang

Hi all,

One of the questions I get asked time and time again is “How can I guarantee a Ford Mustang?” the simple answer is, you can’t 100% guarantee it.

Which is why we always quote “or similar”. Reason’s for this can be found on my previous post – Car Hire USA or similar

However there are certain things that can be done to reduce the chance of missing out.

Below are my top tips for hiring a Ford Mustang in the USA.

  • Let us know – If you drop us an email or give us a call we’ll be happy to place your preference on your USA car hire voucher and via our supplier manifest.
  • Select Dollar – As part of our rental procedures and via our voucher app we ask our customers to tell us which vehicle makes they have collected, the supplier with the greatest success rate of providing Ford Mustangs is Dollar Rent A Car.
  • Be Flexible – If they don’t have a Mustang when you arrive ask when they will have one, or if a local office could swap your model for one?
  • Choice Product – Select suppliers who operate a choice system, where you select the vehicle you want from the category of vehicle you have hired. Alamo and Dollar offer this.
  • Airports – Collect from an Airport, suppliers generally have larger fleets at Airport locations therefore increasing your chance of renting a Mustang.

I drove a Ford Mustang on my last visit to the U.S. and loved every minute of it.

Do you have any tips to help our customers get their dream vehicle?



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