Florida Senate Passes Ban On Texting While Driving

Hi all,

2013 for me so far has been symbolised by the word Senate, I’m pretty suretexting while driving I’ve never written this word before this year but with the almighty muck up that the International Driving Permit its become a staple entry into all my posts.

However this time the Senate (there it is again) have actually unanimously voted on something I agree with, it seems strange but Florida up until today has, with a handful of states, had no official law when it comes to texting while driving. Despite numerous studies showing the dangers of distraction while driving Florida had no bill in place.

The new bill (SB 52) will ban manually typing into a mobile device while in front of the wheel. However unlike the UK drivers will still be able to text while motionless at a traffic light. Hands free and typing done through voice activation would remain legal.

The bill must still pass the House before the session ends May 3 and although its a step in the right direction for Florida the bill for me doesn’t go far enough, 11 teens a day die due to texting while driving in the U.S. Florida consider texting while driving to be a secondary offense, so drivers would have to be pulled over for another offense,  in order to receive a $30 ticket plus court costs.

At least its a start…



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