J.D. Power and Associates Car Hire USA Report

The 15th J.D. Power and Associates car hire USA customer satisfaction report was released today with a positive message, car rental service has returned to pre-recession levels after declining to lower levels during the past two years.

Now in its 15th year, the study measures overall customer satisfaction with renting cars at airports by examining six factors (listed in order of importance): costs and fees; pick-up process; rental car; return process; reservation process; and shuttle bus/van.

Overall satisfaction averages 750 on a 1,000-point scale in 2010, improving from 733 in 2009 and 734 in 2008. Satisfaction with the reservation process; pick-up process; shuttle bus/van; and costs and fees have achieved three-year highs. Each of the rental car companies included in the study has improved in 2010, compared with 2009.

“Improvement in the rental car industry occurs across all aspects of the customer experience,” said Stuart Greif, vice president of the travel practice at J.D. Power and Associates. “By quickly improving their operations as the market started coming back, rental car companies started reversing the negative impact on satisfaction that cuts and deferred investments had during the downturn.  Satisfaction snapping back in 2010 is a testament to the industry doing its best to balance the tension between customer satisfaction and hard economic realities during this period.”

Enterprise who own Alamo Rent A Car, ranks highest in customer satisfaction among rental car companies for a seventh consecutive year and performs particularly well in all six factors. Enterprise is followed in the rankings by National and Hertz, respectively.

Incidence of reported problems has decreased to 9 percent in 2010, compared with 11 percent in 2009. Vehicle pick-up and billing are the areas with the highest rates of reported problems.

“While it’s possible to exceed expectations when resolving a customer problem, which could elevate satisfaction levels even above those of a problem-free experience, this situation is a rare exception,” said Greif. “It’s important to note that 22 percent of problems experienced by customers go unreported, which means there was never an opportunity to resolve them. The bottom line is that prevention of problems is a far better strategy than service recovery for achieving high satisfaction levels.”

In addition to increased satisfaction with rental car companies in 2010, customer loyalty and advocacy have also improved from 2009. In 2010, one-third of business travelers and 28 percent of leisure travelers indicate they “definitely will” rent from the same brand again—marking increases of 2 percent and 5 percent, respectively, from 2009. Advocacy rates have increased by 3 percent among business travelers and 6 percent among leisure travelers from 2009. In 2010, 30 percent of travelers in both groups say they “definitely will” recommend their rental car company.

The 2010 North America Rental Car Satisfaction Study is based on more than 11,500 evaluations from business and leisure travelers who rented a vehicle at an airport location within the previous 30 days. The study was fielded between October 2009 and September 2010

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Will We All Be Hiring Electric Cars In The USA?

Hi all,

Here at usrentacar.co.uk we try to remain as green as possible, so when Inissan leaf read that Enterprise Car Rental ( Alamo car hire’s Parent Company)  and Hertz believe that they could be offering electric cars from as early as January 2011  I had to look a deeper in to it.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car,  made public their plans  to offer around 500 Nissan Leaf all-electric cars last week, initially at dealerships in Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland and Seattle.

Hertz announced a few months ago that it  to would be offering the Nissan Leafs next year at a handful of locations in the U.S.  including New York, Washington and San Francisco.

About the Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is a 5 dr hatchback compact car. A fully charged Leaf has a range of about 100 miles however it takes up to eight hours at a charging station or 20 hours from a standard home outlet to reach maximum.


Will Enterprise and Hertz price normal customers out of having an electric car?

At present if you return a normal car without petrol you’d be charged a fee, what would happen if you return the electric car empty?

Would you hire an electric car?

How much would you be willing to pay ,fully insured for a week?

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How Blogs can change car hire

Hi all,

Stumbled across a very interesting article about travel blogging and how some companies are now more fearful of blogs than mainstream media.

The one that really caught my eye was the story of Debbie Dubrow who posted a blog after Advantage rent a car, who have recently gone in to administration and subsequently been purchased by Enterprise Rent A Car, who own Alamo,?offered her an “aged, unclean, and in many cases broken” car seats for her child. The resulting blog post had a major effect which I’m sure not even the blogger could have expected.

“It eventually led ABC News to pick up and investigate the story,” she told?CNN.

“Its impact reached far beyond a single news broadcast, though.” Indeed, the company pledged to clean up its act, and California agreed to revisit its child safety-seat laws.

An amazing result and shows what can be achieved by a motivated travel blogger.

Do you feel strongly about anything our suppliers are doing at present either rightly or wrongly?

If you one of our customers, please feel free to send us a link to your blog and we will add it to our blog roll.

Happy motoring,


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