The Future Of One Way Rentals?

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One of my hero’s Elon Musk, who among other things is CEO of Tesla Motors thetesla charging station electric car specialist yesterday accidently announced at the D11 conference that within the next month Tesla will triple their super charger coverage.

What does this mean?

At the same conference Musk explained that the problem with Electric cars was that it hadn’t figured out long rentals but that was about to change. Tesla have created new technology to allow them to make  ”super chargers” that will alter the amount of time it takes to charge the car.

The super chargers have been available in California during a beta period but will be available to cover a journey from Los Angeles to New York by the end of the year.

Although suppliers aren’t purchasing electric cars in their 1000′s could the future of one way rentals for customer be with electric cars?

The feeling of being stuck when an electric car runs out of battery sounds like it could finally be a thing of the past, and with the price of petrol only going up the thought of the savings you could potentially make by using an electric car plus the moral responsibility we have to the environment, Elon’s electric cars could well be the answer.

What do you think?



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So Electric Cars Are Slow Right?

Hi all,

A video post today, with the price of petrol soaring and people taking more teslaresponsibility for the environment Electric cars are becoming more main stream however there has always been that doubt for petrol heads about how much power these cars can actually generate, plus are they cool?

One of my favourite Entrepreneurs is Elon Musk co-founder of Tesla Motors. Telsa Motors if you haven’t heard of them, specialises in building beautiful looking Electric Cars.

Yesterday the y released a video that may help dispel the idea that Electric cars are slow by pitting the Tesla Model S against the Dodge Viper in a straight up drag race.

Here’s the video;

So what do you think, would you consider renting an Electric car over a traditional one?



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