7 Ways To Drive Green

Below are U.S. Rent A Cars top 7 ways to drive more Eco friendly. If you have any other suggestions please feel free to comment below.

1) Drive smoothly Try to avoid harsh acceleration and braking – pulling away too fast can use up 60% more fuel.

2) Don’t Rev Avoid revving the engine unnecessarily – this wastes fuel and increases harmful emissions.

3) Concentrate Look ahead and anticipate the road conditions and other people’s actions – this reduces the need for hard braking and acceleration.

4) Avoid short journeys. Short journeys on a cold engine use up to twice as much fuel as a warmed up engine – producing more pollution.

5) Plan your journeys. Plan your journeys to avoid peak periods, road works and getting lost – you will have a more relaxing journey and will waste less fuel.

6) Limit your speed. Optimise your fuel consumption, reduce your emissions and avoid speeding fines by observing the speed limit.

7) Change gear efficiently. Change gear at 1500 to 2500 rpm can save up to 15% on fuel – and reduce emissions by the same amount.

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