Shortage Of Minivan’s For Christmas Leads To Price Rise

Hi all,

As we mentioned back at the beginning of October, a Christmas car hire surcharge is on its way and yesterday we got further confirmation as Alamo Rent A Car increased the prices for Minivans by up to $100.00 a week across the UK.

The price increase effects 7 seater minivans, 8 seater minivans and 15 seater minivans picked up between the 14/12/11 and 31/12/11, effectively the whole Christmas period. Don’t fear, if you previously took our advice and booked early your car hire USA price will not alter.

Dollar Rent A Car have issued a stop sale warnings across their Minivan fleet, basically stating they are all but sold out for the Christmas period, again if you have already booked your USA Car Rental then this will not effect you.

Budget Rent A Car issued their own peak season surcharge back in April, obviously realising the Christmas period would require handling with kid gloves. At present this places them in quite a strong Minivan position however we have still received word that they are monitoring their UK tour op fleet closely.

If you haven’t already done so, I would advise booking your Christmas Car Hire as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment.



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