Things I’ve Done In Orlando

Hi all,

Orlando is an awesome place to visit, I’ve only been once on holiday to Florida but loved every moment. Here are my top 8 things to do in Orlando.

Discovery Cove

I took my girlfriend there on her birthday and we loved it. The whole day flewdiscovery cove buy as their is so much to do, snorkelling in the coral reefs, feeding the birds, braving the sting ray pool and of course swimming with the dolphins. Discovery cove is an unforgettable experience which I highly recommend.

Universal’s Island of Adventure

Granted I went there before the Wizarding World of Harry Potter hulkwas launched but still loved every moment. This theme park in my opinion is aimed more at teenagers and above, so with the more adultly feel comes a lot more fun. I believe (and much to my girlfriends annoyance) I rode the Hulk ride at least 10 times, a brilliant high speed roller coaster that I loved. To be honest I loved all of the Marvel themed section of Islands of Adventure and possibly could have stayed there all day, the Spider-man  ride and Dr Doom’s Tower of Terror are must do’s…

Wonderworks Upside Down Museum

Found on International Drive, this is a quirky “theme park for the mind”.WonderworksFrom the very start its something quite unique, walking on the path to the first room made me feel like I was walking on the walls! I had the strange experience of lying on a bed of nails and got to experience a 5.3 earthquake.

Busch Gardens

buschgardensGranted not strictly in Orlando (more Tampa) however I drove from Orlando to reach it! (tedious link)Anyway Busch Gardens is a  great theme park, they have a lovely balance of thrill rides and animals.

For me (thrill seeker) I loved SheiKra, the 4 seconds you hang in mid air before dropping at 70 mph won me over, even if I did have to queue for over an hour.


SeaWorld is a lovely park, with a lovely spacious feeling. Yes it has thrill ridesseaworld but the stars of the park are definitely the animals, with the head-liners being the Killer Whales.

You must sit in the splash zones to really get the full effect. I’m not sure I have ever been so soaked by what looked like so little effort. A brilliant show from a brilliant park.

Wet N’ Wild

My favourite water park. Granted I haven’t been to Aquatic so my opinion wetnwildcould change however I really enjoyed Wet N’ Wild. I might have been lucky but the park didn’t have the cramped feeling of Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon and the rides are a lot more extreme. Visited this park 3 times while I was there and had fun every single time.

Medieval Times

Unfortunately its not exactly like the film the cable guy, but it is a lot of fun.medtimes Plenty of mead to drink, good food and a cracking atmosphere. The whole cast put on a great show and I’d recommend treating yourself to one night there. Cheering and booing is mandatory.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Granted this is a bit pricey and you have to get up at balloonstupid o’clock but the whole experience from putting the balloon together to seeing the Orlando in all its splendour is well worth the cash.

Orlando can truly be a magical experience, I haven’t even mentioned Disney or some of the great places to eat. Perhaps some of you can add to my experiences below?

If you’re heading out to Orlando enjoy it and take as many pictures as you can.



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